Welcome to the new and improved version of the Betfair Hub. The Hub V2 is an upgrade of our original Hub that has been a staple part of the Betfair experience for some time.

What’s new to the Hub?

We identified a need to refresh the old Betfair hub to enhance the current user experience. The old hub needed much better background infrastructure to support new features and further concepts that will be rolled out ASAP.

Whilst it’s not perfect yet, we’re happy to announce the following upgrades:

  • Easier navigation
  • Search Functionality
  • Single sign on, log into hub = logged into your Betfair account
  • Next To Jump & Bet recommendations bars
  • Notifications (outages, pricing changes, other communications)
  • Ability to favourite content
  • Filter by sport preferences

We hope that you enjoy all of the current and future features that Hub V2 has to offer.

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