Traderline Betting App

Traderline offers you a complete and tailor-made package for trading whilst being very intuitive and easy to use. Traderline is available on Desktop for Windows, as well as Mobile for iOS and Android.

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Application Category: Trading
Free Trial: 30 Days

Traderline Summary

Traderline is designed to show all information and trends in true real time with a constant refresh rate of 200 milliseconds. It brings to each screen the exact functionalities customers need to start trading in Sports, instead of traditional betting. Their functionality allows for fast, reliable and easy to use mechanics necessary for any professional trader across a range of devices.

Traderline Key Features

  • Full market depth interface.
  • Dutching and Bookmaking.
  • Charts for a complete market analysis at all times.
  • Stock Exchange tools: stop loss and take profit (tick offset).
  • New cashout options.
  • Scalping tools.
  • Automated trading with triggers and fill or kill.
  • Complete iOS version.
  • Complete Android version.


To find out more and to sign up for a FREE 30 Day trial, head to the Traderline Website.

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