Daily Sectionals: Race Speed Profiles

The Daily Sectionals Racing Speed Maps are a tool from Vince Accardi and were proudly featured on the Betfair Hub for many years.

You can purchase Vince’s RSP’s with full comments at  www.dailysectionals.com.au.

Vince Accardi has also recorded a Business of Betting Podcast which you can listen to below.

For alternative resources to improve your Horse Racing knowledge and selections, follow the links below:

What they include

Race Speed Profiles (RSPs) give you the edge by measuring a runner’s level of energy exertion in three parts of the race; the early, middle and late closing sections.

The report is an easy to understand visual representation of a race. It includes; early, late and closing speed overview, best zone, race assessment confidence, most advantaged, least advantaged, IVR dashboard form tool and Vince’s key race comments.

Check out our video below on how to use these valuable tools reports.

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