Daily Sectionals: Race Speed Profiles

The Daily Sectionals Racing Speed Maps are a tool from Vince Accardi.  The Daily Report is a strong resource to have on hand throughout the race day. Download the PDF for the Early, Middle and Late Speed for each race.

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Vince Accardi's Daily Sectionals & Betfair

Betfair has partnered with Vince Accardi from Daily Sectionals to give Betfair customers an edge. Unlike the corporates, at Betfair, winners are wanted and we’re here to help you BetSmart.

Race Speed Profiles (RSPs) give you the edge by measuring a runner’s level of energy exertion in three parts of the race; the early, middle and late closing sections. 

Purchase Vince Accardi's Daily Sectionals

For further clarity you can purchase Vince’s Final Edition RSP’s with full comments at $55 per meeting via www.dailysectionals.com.au.

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