MarketFeeder Pro Betting App

MarketFeeder Pro is a third party application which can be used on the Betfair Exchange. Implement any stake you can possibly imagine with the most comprehensive tool for triggered betting on Betfair.

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Application Category: Trading, Automated Betting
Free Trial: 1 mont

MarketFeeder Pro Summary

Auto-Green-Up, Auto-Dutch and implement triggered betting with MarketFeeder Pro. As well as the standard manual betting tools you know and love, the auto-trading functions allow for stress-free betting with the triggered betting feature.

A trigger is an effective way to maximise your time and safe-guard you from any errors. A short set of instructions can be set to perform one of 50 actions, including backing, laying, cancelling bets, slowing or speeding up market refresh, greening up and spreading the loss, alerting, emailing and indeed being your second hand on Betfair.

MarketFeeder Pro Key Features

  • Simultanious Market Monitoring
  • 0.3 Second Refresh Rate
  • Automated Market Search
  • Triggered Betting
  • Excel Spreadsheet Interaction
  • Auto-Greenup (offset betting, hedging),
  • Auto-Dutching (arbitrage)
  • Ladder Interface for Scalping


To find out more and to sign up for a FREE 1 month trial, head to the MarketFeeder Pro Website.

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