BF Bot Manager Betting App

Bf Bot Manager is a complete bot management system for Betfair that allows you to back/lay a vast array of different markets including greyhound racing, horse racing, football and tennis. Bf Bot Manager allows you to load more markets and take total automated control of your betting. Bf Bot Manager comes complete with three bot systems already loaded!

Application Category: Automated Trading
Free Trial: 5 Days
Last Updated: 01/09/2017

BF Bot Manager Summary

Bf Bot Manager is software designed to help you automate your betting and trading at Betfair betting exchange.

Bf Bot Manager allows you to run unlimited number of strategies/bots at the same time. You can have one strategy betting on favourites, second one trading on horse races, third one betting on tennis matches and several strategies betting on football events or tipster tips.

You can set software to automatically download or import your or tipster betting tips and bet on them just few seconds before event start time.

Your settings can be exported to file allowing you to easily share strategy with your friends or to create backup.

Software also supports manual bet placement and has ladder and grid controls for one click betting. Hedge (green/red up) functionality can be set to execute automatically or on single click.

Bf Bot Manager supports simulation mode, many staking plans, loss recovery and much more. It even has football statistics for major leagues allowing you to automatically bet only on teams with specific previous results.

You can also order custom functionality that we can develop for you and adjust settings to suit your own requirements.

Key Features

  • Custom Bots
  • Dutching
  • Automation
  • Greening Tools
  • Simulation Mode
  • One-click Betting


To find out more and to sign up for a FREE 5 Day trial, head to the BF Bot Manager Website.

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