The Exchange: Your Peer To Peer Platform

Betfair, also known as The Exchange, is the only peer-to peer betting platform in Australia.

So rather than betting against bookies, who create the prices and close down winning customers, you’re betting against fellow punters.

Which means you can bet with or against a horse or a football team. For example, if you like a horse, put up a price to Back it. If you don’t, put up a Lay order and bet against it with another punter.

Other Features

The Exchange has a lot of advantages over bookies, which aren’t limited to:

  • The Betfair Starting Price beats Best Tote by 13%+
  • AFL markets are only 102.5%, which is the equivalent of $1.975 lines.
  • Automated & 3rd party betting applications
  • Market leading odds
  • In-play betting
  • Trading out without bookmaker margin
  • Great tutorials: Mastering the Exchange

winners are welcome

The big difference between The Exchange and bookies is that we don’t ban winning customers.

Due to Betfair’s revenue model (we make a small commission off winning bets), we want customers who win. That’s why we developed the Betfair Hub. We want to give you all the tools, knowledge and strategies to help you find an edge on the market.

Betfair is a low margin exchange, just like Airbnb. We create markets for punters to take on punters.

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