The English Uni Student

It was during his second (pretty slack) job that Adam Hackney first became aware there was a lucrative life in playing loopholes.

Meet Adam

The young Englishman had been working for a university, advising lecturers about “technology’’, which was maths-minded Hackney’s specialty after graduating in digital arts at University, a period that consisted of bouts of creativity and “a diet of Marxism.’’

Hackney’s first half-proper job, by the way, was more part of life’s journey, call it human relations, than a career-calling.

Hackney worked as a travelling salesman for the dubiously named “Well Hung Meat Company’’ where he would extoll the virtues of vacuum-packed organic meat to anyone wandering by at food festivals who was diet-curious and possessed a credit card.

“I would sit there in a park with a box of meat in front of me. I still remember the spiel: “Is eating good quality meat important to you?’’ he said over a coffee at a Middle Park café, where the curious latte-sipper on the next table ear-wigged as Hackney revealed an entertaining life story that now has him instructing people how to make money out of gambling – without gambling.

First, however, came the meat story.

You’d basically be flirting with middle-aged women, selling boxes of meat and there was a joy in that because I truly believed in what we were selling.

“Then you would take their credit card details. It was a more naïve time. They’d ask “is this safe?’’ There were no credit card machines. I’d just say “yeah, of course it is.’’

Making money online

He had long moved on from Well Hung Meat when too much free time while instructing tech-poor university lecturers led to some internet-browsing and the intoxicating promises of making money online revealed itself on a UK website called moneysavingexpert.

“There was a forum about how to make money out of introductory offers from bookmakers. It wasn’t about gambling but how you profit from loopholes; things like Corals offering a 10-pound bonus for every 10-pound bet, then working out a system that made it almost zero risk,’’ he said.

“I’d always liked gambling; played the fruit machines, dabbled in a bit of betting and all that but I’d never made money from it.

“Matched betting is one of those “too good to be true’’ type things on face value and you do have to suspend belief in a traditional gambling sense.

“Back then there were no services to help you so I built my own spreadsheet, consulted my dad (who was also good at maths) to check if the maths added up and went from there.

’’I remember one bookie offered a 500-pound matched bet as a promotion for the Goodwood festival. And these opportunities were seemingly endless, if you played them right, you could make so much money.

A different mindset to having a punt

“It was a completely different mindset. People who get into matched betting, using these bonuses, are going in there to make money. It’s a very different mindset than having a punt on the weekend. It’s purely mathematical.’’

Hackney arrived in Australia six years ago. “My friends were all settling down and getting married and having children and I was sort of looking for adventure,’’ he said.

He discovered Richmond, then Port Melbourne, then a lovely girl called Bee, and now Rye. He loved the food and culture of Melbourne, declaring the average Melburnian far chirpier than bleak old Londoners.

“You get on a tram here and there’s an air of friendliness, you get on the tube in London and there’s nothing but dead-eyed stares,’’ he said.

Initially, Hackney put his life of loopholes on hold, working for a year hawking home appliances, like computers, for a young entrepreneur who quickly turned a fledgling business into an incredibly lucrative one. The experience showed him the possibilities of creating a successful online business.

Ethically playing the bookies for profit

Once he drifted back into bonus betting Hackney discovered a different loophole landscape but one he could still play for profit. Ethically, it made him comfortable.

“In England there were over 100 different bookies with bonus offers and I signed up with all of them. You had access to all of Europe (bookies) as well, offering little incentives so you would use them,’’ he said.

“There were heaps of casinos too and they also had offers and they were usually far bigger than the bookies; deposit 100 pounds, they give you 100 pounds, turn it over 10 times, play blackjack in a way where you reduced the risk to near-zero,’’ he said.

“In three to five months I’d already doubled what I was earning at my previous job.’’

Here, of course, there are far fewer bookies and fewer still casinos.

The game changes but they (bonus offers) are still ridiculously lucrative,’’ he said. “Here matched betting is still in its infancy and there is scepticism from potential customers, partners, parents. But eventually they get it.

In online forums loophole seekers exchange information about existing offers, rebates and bonuses; which ones can be best exploited, noteworthy personal experiences.

“It is a community and everybody is happy to share,’’ he said. “You could keep a loophole to yourself but it’s a bit of a zero-sum game. You can exploit it but you benefit most from the sharing of information.’’


About two years ago Hackney and two like-minded mates – “they’re both called Sam, which can occasionally be difficult’’ – created a website called which educates customers about these endless offers and loopholes and how to play them. Their software allows members to play the incentives “in the most efficient way possible. The aim of the service is to save people time and to help them to make more money’’

They have a rapidly growing membership, which he puts down to customers referring friends after profiting themselves.

Customers are not get-rich-quick types but anyone from students to stay at home mums on tight budgets.

“For a student to make an extra couple of grand a month – that’s huge,’’ he said. “There are still big thrills in here. Some offers can return huge profits,  the risk is low and the upswing is huge.

Bookies are currently very free and easy with their incentives because they want punters. It’s the only reason we exist.

Are you ready to master matched betting like Adam? Back the bookie promos and lay off on Betfair.

Betfair as an ally

Betfair is an important ally.

“Betfair is a huge part of it because Betfair is the closest thing to a “true’’ price to an outcome. If a horse is 5-1 on Betfair it (most accurately) has a one in six chance of winning. Without Betfair matching bets and profiting from offers would be much more difficult,’’ he said.

And Betfair doesn’t close the door on you. They don’t shut out winning punters, which is huge, and to me that makes them a genuine company.

Hackney said there was a  different mentality with corporate Australian bookmakers that meant they were wary of blokes like him, who were the antithesis of the reckless gambler.

“They sort of see us as bin chickens, feeding off promotions,’’ he said with a chuckle that again caught the attention of the bloke on the next table who’d been ear-wigging our chat.

At the end of the interview, that bloke seemed to be processing the soundbites and seemed a tad confused.

I imagined he went home to his better half and told her about some Englishman who was some sort of non-gambler gambler who sold meat to women in parks and had some chickens.

People can read all about matched betting at and a free facebook forum discusses all the opportunities here.

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