The Dogs: Greyhound Racing Resource

The Betfair Hub, just like The Dogs, is one of the premier Greyhound Racing Resources you will find for free.

Use this all in one resource page to help you with your betting on Greyhound Racing, from speed map strategies to track bias to where they start in the box.

The frequency and consistency of greyhound racing puts it second to only thoroughbreds in terms of betting volumes. Therefore it’s arguably one of the most opportune betting markets available on the Betfair Exchange.

Greyhound Resources

The Betfair Hub in support of Greyhound Racing and tries to provide the best resources around the racing. So what do we provide?

Greyhound Data

On the link above, you’ll find the Directory Listing of Betfair Price Files. You’ll find historical BSP prices of all Greyhound Races, including traded volume along with min and max price.

Our Greyhound Racing Results Page

If you’re looking for the results to any Greyhound Racing result in Australia, our results page is your resource to use. Use it to compare the Betfair Starting Price to the Best Tote.

Greyhound Betting Strategies

Greyhound racing is one of the most popular betting markets on the Exchange so naturally, there are plenty of strategies for it. Check out our strategy page to give you a better insight in to what to look for when it comes to Greyhound Racing.

SUREpick Ratings

SUREpick, a renowned greyhound tipster, provides exclusive content for the Betfair Hub. From Wednesday to Saturday you’ll see full card ratings and betting suggestions across NSW and other Greyhound Racing.

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