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The Business of Betting Podcast delves into the business side of the wagering, betting, investing and gambling industries.

Jake Williams sits down for one-on-one interviews with industry leaders from around the world, both on the professional betting side and the bookmaker side, as well as professional poker players, market makers and entity betting CEOs.

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Episode 80 – Erik Bergman

Erik co-founded Catena Media, a stock-listed company in Sweden and now runs We discuss affiliate marketing, the business models, how to set up an affiliate program and the connection with the online gaming industry.

Episode 78 – On Course to Online Bookmaking

Luke describes his start in bookmaking and huge turnover in the Sydney ring at age 28. From there we discuss his progression to online bookmaking and the start of Bbet.

Episode 78 – Daniel Kelly

Dan takes us through his career progression from on track clerk to trader and professional punter.

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