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The Business of Betting Podcast delves into the business side of the wagering, betting, investing and gambling industries.

Jake Williams sits down for one-on-one interviews with industry leaders from around the world, both on the professional betting side and the bookmaker side, as well as professional poker players, market makers and entity betting CEOs.

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Nico Bonus Bank

– Match Betting, Regulatory outlook, Using free bets and bonus bets,

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Shaun Beirne (@ShaunBeirne)
Shaun is an accomplished wagering professional with 20 years in the betting industry with the likes of TAB, LuxBet and Betfair.

Ralph Horowitz (@rtralphy
Ralph began in sports media before transitioning into full time betting. He is a prominent and opinionated horse racing professional in Australia.

Dominic Beirne (@domran)
Dominic is a legend in the bookmaking and betting world. He was Australia’s biggest on course bookmaker turning over up to 60 million in the 1980s.

Adam Chernoff
Adam currently lives in Canada and discusses the current betting environment in North America as well as what positive changes could help augment the US betting culture.

Brendan Poots (@Priomha)
Brendan started Priomha in 2010 and today it has its place as one of the world’s premiere sports betting hedge funds.

Paul Daily (@PaulD01)
Paul discusses his entry into the racing business and how he built the cutting edge database and software that he offers punters today.

Josh Lloyd  (@redrock_bball)
Josh is the lead fantasy basketball analyst at Basketball Monster, the man behind the mic on the Locked on Fantasy Basketball podcast and founder of Red Rock Fantasy Basketball.

Nathan Rothschild

Nathan is the Co-Founder and Partner of Genius Tech Group. Genius Tech partners with the likes of Riot, Ladbrokes and Draftstars to provide innovative and engaging content.

Marc Lambourne (@justideal
Marc is a revered and respected wagering professional in Sydney, Australia.

Chris Connelly
Chris Connelly is the founder of Contrarian Investments LLC, a Nevada registered Sports Betting Entity. Chris takes us inside Las Vegas and the life of a sports betting entity.

Nathan Snow (@snowbet
Nathan is a renowned professional in Sydney betting circles.

Vince Accardi (Daily Sectionals
Vince is a sectional and data expert with experience dating back to the 1980s.

Tony Hargraves (@SportsTrader_AU
Tony is a full time professional sports and racing trader.

James Canning
James is the Founder and CEO of Bitedge, a leading source of bitcoin sports betting information. James has a simple mission and that is to provide useful resources to the bitcoin betting public.

Joe Fortenbaugh
Joe is an expert at NFL, college football, fantasy, well sports in general. He hosts a radio show in San Francisco and has been releasing great betting and sports content for years.

Allen Bari
Allen is a World Series of Poker Bracelet winner and has amassed millions of dollars in poker winnings over his career.

Daniel O’Sullivan (@TRBHorseRacing)
Daniel is a leading mind when it comes to the philosophy and broader topics of racing and wagering.

Ian Epstein & Luke Pergande
Ian and Luke met when they were students at the University of Arizona and Co-Founded PropSwap in 2013, in Las Vegas.

John Walter (@J_Walter23)
John Walter is a professional punter who spent time at world leading betting operation Humbleton before becoming a Jockey Manager

Peter Ling
Peter runs the Secret Betting Club which is the Trip Advisor of tipsters.

Victor Haghani 
Victor is a very well known finance and investing expert. Victor started out at Salomon Brothers before moving on to places including John Meriweather and Long Term Capital Management. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of Elm Funds.

Kevin Braig 
Kevin is a full time attorney from Columbus, Ohio and the brain behind the Quant Coach.

Rahul Sood
Rahul is the CEO of Unikrn, a Seattle based esports platform, which has seen investment from the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban.

Daniel Kustelski
Daniel was born in the US, and having spent time in South Africa has gained experience in global betting and wagering. He has run a number of betting businesses, and is back in America as the CEO of Chalkline Sports.

Harry Findlay
Harry needs no introduction. He is a superstar punter who has an illustrious gambling career.

Marco Blume
Marco is Director of Trading at Pinnacle. Marco has built a bookmaker that is the benchmark for all others to follow offering the lowest margins, the highest limits and a policy of welcoming winners.

Dr Sally Gainsbury PhD
Dr Gainsbury is a qualified Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years’ experience conducting gambling research. Her research has focused on understanding gambling to inform the development of responsible gambling strategies and harm minimisation policies.

Dan Weston
Dan started out not as a sports bettor but playing poker online. Following the changes in the poker world, Dan concentrated on sports and is the man behind Tennis Ratings.

Dr. William Ziemba
Dr. Ziemba earned his PhD is from the University of California, Berkeley. He also taught Financial Modeling and Stochastic Optimization at the University of British Columbia from 1968-2006.

Natalie Hinkley
Natalie is a registered bookmaker in Victoria and has been frequenting Victorian racetracks for over a decade starting out as a bookies clerk.

Ryan Carruthers
Ryan is the founding member of the Betfair Trading Community. Ryan started trading horses and has moved on to be a professional sports trader focusing on soccer, tennis and NFL.

Sally Snow
Sally has been working in bookmaking since her time at Sydney racetracks working for Tom and Bill Waterhouse. Sally talks about her approach to bookmaking and betting as well as what she has discovered in her years of working in the industry.

Vegas Matty
Matty Simo is one half of the most trusted football proxy team in Las Vegas, Football Contest.

Christian Pina
Christian started out in the fantasy and daily fantasy sports world before moving to Las Vegas and transitioning to sports betting. He is the man behind the Hook Report and the editor of content at the sports gambling podcast as well as a professional sports and UFC handicapper.

Scott Ferguson
Scott has traveled around the world working in betting, betting education, betting exchanges, at the horse racing bettors forum and consulting.

Whale Capper
Whale Capper is a sports bettor based out of Southern California and has been involved in sports betting for over a decade.

Peter Todd
Peter is a vastly experienced bookmaker and punter dating back to the start of the 1970s. Peter takes us through his style of bookmaking and almost a decade of betting professionally.

Parlay Queen
Monique, the Parlay Queen, is from Toronto, Canada and is a horse racing and sports betting handicapper.

Dean Evans
Dean aka the Trial Spy has been an enormously successful horse racing analyst and service provider based on his innovative and revolutionary approach to form assessment.

Darren Potter
Darren started betting professionally in 2008 and has focused on Victorian horse racing.

Richard Irvine
Richard is an advocate for fair wagering and a voice for punters in Australia. In this episode, we discuss the point of consumption tax, the presence of a national regulator, in-play wagering and minimum bet laws.

Stewart Davidson

Stewart was a professional bookmaker for 20 years before the equine influenza hit Sydney racing. Stewart turned his hand to full time professional betting and he shares his insights and knowledge on both betting and bookmaking. We discuss specialization, having an open minded approach and the fractured nature of horse racing wagering in 2018.

Anthony Jupp

Juppy started out as a bookmaker’s clerk before moving to the UK to work with Sporting Index and their innovative spread betting product. Upon returning to Australia, Juppy spent time at Sportsbet before switching to the betting side and now focuses his time on niche sports betting markets.

Brady Kannon

Brady is a golf handicapper based in las Vegas and has been following and betting golf tournaments for many years. Brady is also the 2011 LVH NFL Super Contest champion. We chat handicapping a golf tournament, betting markets and tips for recreational golf bettors to increase their chances of success.

Matt Bisogno

Matt is the Editor in Chief of GeeGeez, a leading horse racing resource for punters in the UK. Matt is also the Chair of the Horseracing Bettors Forum where he represents the interests of those who bet on British horse racing. We discuss his vision for GeeGeez and the racing industry in general.

David Beirne

David is the GM of Trading at Tabcorp. We discuss the psychology of betting and trading and get insights from a thought leader in the space.

Peter Webb

Peter is a sports and racing trader and founder of Bet Angel, the prominent betfair trading software. We discuss the evolution of trading, as well as many of the thoughts and ideas Peter uses as a successful trader.

Joseph Buchdahl

Jospeh is a prominent author, writer and thinker in the sports betting psychology space. Joseph has written many books and articles on the cognitive side of sports betting and he talks about ideas and principles that help sports bettors understand markets and betting.

Mark Rhoden

Mark is a former corporate bookmaker with the likes of IAS Bet, Paddy Power and Sportsbet. More recently Mark has transitioned to a full time professional bettor. We get Mark’s insights from almost two decades corporate bookmaking on things like betting analysis, risk management and trading. Mark also shares his thoughts from the last 15 months betting professionally.

Rob Pizzola

Rob has a background in computer science and statistics. He is a professional bettor living in North America and focuses on Hockey and Baseball. Rob shares his approach to betting, statistics, money management and also why you should bet numbers and not teams.

Tom Waterhouse

Tom Waterhouse is a well known Australian bookmaker who sold his business to William Hill and went on to become CEO of William Hill Australia.

Ben Krahe

Ben Krahe is a former bookmaker and current harness racing punter. Ben has years of experience and shares his insights and thoughts on all things harness, trots, greyhounds and wagering.

Caan Berry

Caan is a professional trader and recent author (Betfair Trading Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started). Caan shares his experience and knowledge from years spent trading on the exchanges.

Alok Pattani

Alok spent 8 years at ESPN working in sports data and analytics. Currently, Alok is a quantitative analyst at Google. We discuss how sports analytics has evolved in his world and predictive modeling.

Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams

Prof. Leighton Vaughan Williams is Professor of Economics and Finance, Director of the Betting Research Unit and Director of the Political Forecasting Unit at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University.

Matthew Trenhaile

Matthew is a former odds compiler at IG Index (spread betting). We discuss games including Magic the Gathering as well as pricing, markets, homogenized odds, recreating the Pinnacle model and more.

Lisandro Kaunitz and Javier Kreiner

Lisandro and Javier discuss a research paper they wrote about the online sports betting market.

They designed a strategy to beat bookmakers with their own numbers. The strategy proved profitable in a 10-year historical simulation using closing odds, a 6-month historical…

Julian Gauld

Julian has been both a punter and a bookie specializing in greyhound racing. We discuss how he got his start, some of the big betting battles during his bookmaking days and life as a greyhound punter.

Brett Richey

Brett is a former pro poker player and current CEO of BlitzPredict. BlitzPredict provides tools and information to bettors as well as line aggregation, smart betting and tipping services time stamped on the blockchain against true market odds.

Rob Waterhouse

Rob is a very well known bookmaker and punter who has faced punters in Australia, New Zealand and in the UK. Rob is a leading mind and analyst in racing and discusses many topics around his approach to analyzing form, wagering markets and advice for those getting involved today.

Jerry & Kieran

Jerry & Kieran are the sports bettors behind Sports Thoughts and have their own weekly podcast ( We discuss their approach to building a model and betting sports, bankroll management, how to find and calculate your edge, monitoring sports betting markets…

Jared Tendler

Jared is a mental game coach who works with poker players, golfers, sports bettors, traders and those looking to improve performance. We chat about how people can improve their betting, what things often hold back performance and how you can improve your efficiency.

George EVBettor

– Sports Betting and Modeling

– Predictive vs Descriptive Statistics

– Analytical vs Situational Handicapping

– A New Betting Exchange

Nico Bonus Bank

– Match Betting

– Regulatory outlook

– Using free bets and bonus bets


Adam Blencowe

Adam is a Senior Handicapper at Racing and Sports.

Adam started out as a bookmaker and currently handicapping horse racing around the world.

We chat about all aspects of handicapping, racing and wagering.

Luke Murrell

Luke is the Director of Australian Bloodstock.

He spent his early years working with the likes of Rob Waterhouse and honing his skills on horse racing analysis in Sydney betting rings.

Today he scours the globe for the best talent to bring to the races.

Ed Feng

Ed Feng has a Stanford Ph.D. in applied math.

We talk about sports, predictions, analytics, markets, betting, data and beer.

The Power Rank uses data and analytics to make accurate football and March Madness predictions.

Spanky Sports

Spanky is a seasoned sports bettor with years of experience in the US.

Spanky talks us through the evolution of sports betting in the US and some current topics emerging in the newly regulated market.

Jack Dickens

Dicko, the man behind the mailbag (, is a familiar figure in Australian racing and talks us through his approach and edge in racing markets.

We chat about the state of the industry and he details what makes his distinct approach sustainable.

Stephen Rothwell

Stephen comes from a professional betting background and is the Head Trader at FansUnite.

We discuss sports betting, using machine learning and data science to assist your betting, high volume low margin offerings, NBA betting and more.

Find out more here:

Captain Jack Andrews

Jack Andrews is a professional sports bettor based in the recently legal jurisdiction of New Jersey.

We talk US sports betting and what the future holds, from a professional bettors perspective.

Twitter: @capjack2000

Gill Alexander

Gill is a professional sports bettor and host of The Numbers Game on VSIN.

Gill has been in the sports betting world for a long time and comes on the podcast to chat about his experiences.

Twitter : @beatingthebook


Jamie is married with a family, a small business owner, former college athlete, and honor student.

Also, Jamie is a compulsive gambler who has not placed a bet since July, 2010.

We chat about the struggles and challenges that come with compulsive gambling.

Jamie has a website and podcast which can…

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