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The Business of Betting Podcast delves into the business side of the wagering, betting, investing and gambling industries.

Jake Williams sits down for one-on-one interviews with industry leaders from around the world, both on the professional betting side and the bookmaker side, as well as professional poker players, market makers and entity betting CEOs.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 121 – John from Poison Foot

John talks about his background in FX trading, programming and mathematics as well as how he transitioned into the betting world. We discuss how he approaches the data and math side as well as betting markets.

Episode 120 – Marius Norheim

Marius, the CEO of Trademate Sports talks about his journey into betting as well as his philosophies for betting, building a betting company and some tidbits he has learnt along the way.

Episode 119 – Andrew Mack

Andrew joins the podcast to talk about modeling sports, betting using statistical methods and bayes theorem.

Episode 118 – Michael Beuoy

We discuss Michael’s career as a health insurance actuary and his passion for sports, analytics and interesting topics Michael covers on his site.

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To listen to any of the episodes from the Business of Betting podcast, head to their SoundCloud here or search for the podcast on your phone’s podcast app.

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