The Betfair Exchange: Where You Make The Market

Have you got a knack for backing losers? Then lay them.

Or are you backing enough winners? Then continue doing that, but get better odds at Betfair.

Four Reasons to Bet With Betfair

1. Better Odds

On the Betfair Exchange you are betting against other Betfair punters from all around the world. This means that the price is a true reflection of supply and demand (the market), as opposed to a bookmaker setting the market and deciding which punters are allowed to bet on it.


2. Set Your Own Odds

When you place a Back bet you can take the current price on offer, or enter in the odds you choose. You aren’t guaranteed to get it matched if you set your own odds, but if the price of the selection you want changes to meet the price you want, it will be fully matched provided it meets the same stake amount you entered. Markets are constantly fluctuating just like a Stock Exchange. The market depth will provide you with the best guide as to whether or not you will be matched. You can be matched without having to constantly monitor the market.

Betfair is a low margin Exchange like Airbnb and Uber. Avoid bookie margins and set your own prices.

3. The Betfair Starting Price

Put simply, the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) beats the best tote by 14% since 2016. This revolutionary product provides more value than any product in the market. Check out this BSP page for more information.

4. Lay Betting

When you place a Lay bet, you’re betting against an outcome to happen. For example, rather than backing one horse to beat Winx, you can just bet against her winning. That hasn’t proved a great strategy so far but there are short priced favourites that lose on the Exchange everyday.

You can find out more information about Lay Betting here or watch the video below.

Are you ready to play the game within the game?


Betfair is the world’s largest betting exchange. It’s unique peer to peer platform means that punters are encouraged to win. That’s why we created the Betfair Hub. No matter where you are in your betting journey, we’re here to help you get smarter.

One popular place to start is taking advantage of bookmaker promotions. You can find a list of all the offers, and how to use them, by clicking here.

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