Trading on Betfair: Opportunities in Tennis

Tennis Trading on Betfair can provide great opportunities for potential profit with Backing and Laying.

In this article, we provide some of the stats you need to help with your tennis trading, recommended third-party tools to help you and a great example of how the Exchange can swing in a Tennis Match.

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Australian Open Trading Stats

The following stats are from the 2019 Australian Open Tournament

  • 52.3% of all matches saw the pre-match favourite trade as the underdog in-play (53.1% for Men’s Singles, 54.6% for Women’s Singles)
  • 47% of all Men’s Singles “Set Markets” had two favourites (i.e. both selections traded at under $2).
  • 53% of Men’s Singles “Match Odds” markets had two in-play favourites.
  • 56% of Women’s Singles “Match Odds” markets had two in-play favourites.
  • In Men’s Singles, 54% of the time that the favourite loses the first set, they go on to win the match.
  • This also shows that 46% of the time that the underdog wins the first set, they go on to lose the match.
  • In Women’s Singles, 72% of the time the favourite loses the first set, they go on to lose the match.

So what does it all mean?

It means the opportunities to trade the tennis on the Betfair Exchange are always available. The advantage is you can attack it from multiple angles.

Perhaps you lay a favourite and then back when they lose the first set. Maybe you back an underdog and then trade out if they win the first set. With so many tennis games on through the year, especially during the four major grand slams, there is never a shortage of games for you to have a go at trading the Tennis.

Raonic v Pouille

The QF Match in the 2019 Australian Open between Milos Raonic and Lucas Pouille was a great example of the large fluctuations that can occur on the Betfair Exchange.

Raonic started at $1.15 pre-match and was in terrific form leading into the QF, having already defeating Kyrigios, Wawrinka and Alexander Zverev.

It was a slow start for Pouille, down 2-5 in the 1st Set but from there worked himself into the game, winning the 1st Set tiebreaker.

The 2nd set was all Pouille, cruising through but the Exchange saw no large movements for him. He was winning but could he go on with it in a situation he’d never been in before?

Raonic took out the 3rd set in a convincing tiebreaker and suddenly looked full of energy. You can see on the graph at roughly 6 pm that the Exchange made him favourite for a small amount of time, even after trading at a high of $6.

From there, Pouille was able to grind it out to 5-4 in the 4th set and then finally broke Raonic in the last game to advance to the semi-finals.

Raonic saved 11/14 breakpoint opportunities during the match, each one of them providing decent fluctuations on Betfair for you to trade. This game is just one example of how the opportunities are always present to trade on Tennis.

Third Party Tools

There’s a range of Third-Party Tools you can use to trade on the tennis this summer. All of these pages contain free trials so you can dive in for yourself and see which one suits you.

However, there are some main tools we recommend for not just trading on tennis but for sport and racing as well:

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