Super Rugby Education: New Zealand Teams at Home – Short and Sweet

It goes without saying that New Zealand is a stronger rugby nation than Australia. The All Blacks have won the last two World Cups and have held the Bledisloe Cup since 2003. Teams from the Land of the Long White Cloud have won 15 of 22 Super Rugby titles, including five of the last six. Even the most casual rugby observer would have few qualms in declaring New Zealand superior at the 15-man game to Australia.

The Dominance of the New Zealand Super Rugby teams

Few understand the dominance New Zealand Super Rugby teams have over their Australian counterparts though and from a betting perspective it provides an excellent opportunity to bet with total confidence, something of a rarity. Last season, Australian Super Rugby franchises won the princely sum of zero games in 25 matches against New Zealand opposition. The season prior, they were marginally better, collecting three wins and a draw from 26 matches. In 2015, Australian teams went 7-15. Across the last three seasons of Super Rugby – a period marked by increased player movement and the further erosion of union as a relevant code in Australia – New Zealand teams are a remarkable 62-10-1 against Australian opposition.

The Short Priced New Zealand side is Money

Frankly, the gulf in talent, coaching and organisational ability between the two nations is obscenely large and getting wider. That dominance is so pronounced at home that New Zealand teams can be unleashed on at short odds with total confidence. It isn’t sexy loading up at short odds but betting New Zealand Super Rugby teams at home against Australian opposition hardly seems to carry any risk. It’s better than bank interest, as they say, and nearly as safe.

History on New Zealand’s Side

The last Australian team to win on New Zealand soil was way back April of 2015, when the Waratahs upset the Hurricanes 29-24. The Brumbies have not won in New Zealand since 2014. The Reds have not been successful in New Zealand since 2013.

The Crusaders and Hurricanes have not lost a home game to an Australian team since 2015. The Chiefs last lost to an Aussie side in the Waikato in 2014. The Highlanders have not lost to an Australian team in New Zealand since 2014. The Blues have the longest home streak against Australian opposition dating back to 2013.

Over the last three seasons, New Zealand teams are 33-2 against Australian opposition on home turf.

Perfect Record Equals Minimal Risk

In 2017, New Zealand teams went a perfect 12-0 against their Australian counterparts at home.  The average margin of victory was 24.25 points. Five margins were bigger than 28 points. Only two games finished within single digits.

In 2016, the story was eerily similar. New Zealand teams went an undefeated 12-0 against Australian teams at home with an average margin of victory of 23.92. Four games were decided by 33 points or more while just two were determined by single digits.

In 2015, New Zealand teams went 9-2 at home when Australian teams visited.

Road to Consistent Profit

Betting big favourites never seems fun, particularly taking the short head-to-head odds. It is the road to consistent profit though when loading up on New Zealand teams at home against Australian teams. They don’t lose and the gulf is getting bigger.

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