Spring Racing – Utilising Betfair Betting Applications


Take advantage of specialised software & tools this spring – including free trials

With the spring carnival well and truly at our front door, there is no better time to advance your strategy for the carnival by learning and mastering advanced software solutions.

Betfair third-party applications have been designed to empower users by giving them advanced functionality that isn’t available on the Betfair website.

These applications often have free trials and simulation modes available allowing Betfair users to get a full understanding of their racing strategy and the platform without even having a bet.

Common features of these platforms:

  • Dutch betting
  • One-click betting
  • Test betting and simulation
  • Automated betting
  • Advanced trading functionality
  • And much more

Software benefits for Racing Professionals

For the racing enthusiasts, being able to one-click bet before the off and in-play can be crucial to ensure they get in first at their desired price. Advanced dutching functionality on back and lay bets allows users to get on instantly across multiple runners without having to do any manual staking calculations.

Testing and simulation is a unique feature across multiple providers allowing users to place dummy bets to practise and review the performance of their strategy. This also offers the ability to become familiar with all features of the software without placing a single bet.

Some specialised automated platforms allow users to place back or lay bets on racing all over the globe according to the criteria that they define. These platforms allow complex automated betting based on timing, price triggers, comparative odds conditions and more. Automatically Cash-Out when your desired profit level is achieved and assure yourself a level profit (greening) no matter the result.

Automated betting is the ideal function to utilise simulation modes. Users can outline their strategy, plan and implement using simulation settings and review the performance before committing to real money.

Common software and free trials available this spring:

Bet Angel – 14 day free trial http://www.betangel.com/

Gruss Software – 30 day free trial http://www.gruss-software.co.uk/

Geeks Toy – 14 day free trial http://www.geekstoy.com/

Bet Bot Pro – free trial currently unavailable http://www.betbotpro.com/

To find out about other betting application available to Betfair customers, head to the Betfair App Directory.