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Betfair in conjunction with Stats Insider is happy to present the FIFA World Cup Predictions Model. World Cup Predictions for every game across the global soccer tournament will be available on the Betfair Hub daily.

So what is predictive modelling? Using mathematical data and insights a model is built to predict a future event or outcome. Stats Insider who sources soccer data from all over the globe has built the FIFA World Cup predictions model to predict the outcome of any match. All Stats Insider models use a fairly similar approach to predicting the outcome of an event.

The simulations often presents back or lay value for punters on the Betfair Exchange. The Model offers soccer predictions through rated prices. A rated price is calculated from market percentage and represents the team’s chances according to Stats Insider’s prediction. For example, if Brazil are rated a $1.70 chance in a match during the FIFA World Cup but their Betfair Exchange odds are $2.00, this presents a +17.64% value to back Brazil. However, in another game, the model may rate Argentina a $1.40 chance to beat their opponent but the odds on the Betfair Exchange are $2. This would present a lay opportunity as Argentina in this situation are 30% overvalued.

As punters and soccer fans around the world get ready for Qatar, the team at Betfair and Stats Insider are deep diving in data and analysis so bettors can arm themselves with the most comprehensive betting advice available. Fun World Cup facts will become the norm across the tournament. Of the last 21 World Cups, 13 have been won by a team from the host continent, while eight have not. Of those eight teams that have not won, four have been Brazil. This makes for interesting watching as no middle eastern / Asian teams are highly predicted to be in the finish of the tournament. Something to keep an eye on!

So, who will win this year’s FIFA World Cup? European nations have won five of the last six years, but can another nation buck the trend? And the team from Australia, the Socceroos, where will they finish?

Make sure you keep up with all the latest Betfair & Stats Insider FIFA World Cup predictions and expert analysis on the Betfair Hub. Find value on the Betfair Exchange now.

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