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Chiefs v Eagles As It Happened on the Betfair Exchange

Super Bowl LVII will be remembered for one of the most courageous comebacks of all time. In their stunning 38-35 turnaround result, the Kansas City Chiefs secured a third championship thanks to the incomparable, indefatigable heroics of one Patrick Mahomes.

Kansas City were down 14-24 to the Philadelphia Eagles at halftime, on the precipice of a loss, with Mahomes trudging off the field in agony due to an aggravated ankle injury. Enter Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who performed a masterclass in efficiency, as the Chiefs converted four total possessions in the second half into three touchdowns and the game-winning field goal.

There were numerous key moments that fuelled big swings to the odds in-play on the Betfair Exchange. Here are those moments and how bettors responded in real time.

10:09, 1st quarter: Eagles strike early with a Jalen Hurts quarterback sneak

Philadelphia starts favourite at $1.90 on the kickoff and receive first possession. Head coach Nick Sirianni’s headstrong tactics come into play immediately: the Eagles move quick on plays, hot-footing it down the field and sneaking into the endzone. Textbook offense, reminiscent of the Eagles’ entire 2022 season. Their odds shrink to $1.60, while the Chiefs drift to $2.64.

6:52, 1st quarter: Patrick Mahomes roars to life, ties it up at 7-7

Bettors didn’t give the newly-minted 2022 season MVP a shot before betting against him. Mahomes responds to the Eagles’ scoring play in kind. His mythical connection with tight end Travis Kelce starts working instantly, finding him on the very first play, then hitting him up again for the touchdown. Our first market lead change ensues, as the Chiefs become a $1.82 favourite.

2:27, 1st quarter: a Super Bowl doink! Game remains level

Penalty flag puts the Eagles on the backfoot for their next possession and are eventually forced to punt. They drift to $2.64 – perhaps bettors anticipate Mahomes is going to tear it up today. He only makes modest gains on the Chiefs’ possession, however, with Harrison Butker’s 42-yard field goal attempt slamming into the uprights. The game is still tied, but the Eagles take over as favourite at $1.92 to the Chiefs’ $2.08. Scoreline be damned!

14:52, 2nd quarter: A.J. Brown puts the Eagles ahead 14-7

The expensive pass-catching recruit had had a quiet postseason, but he’s shown up in a big way here. An impeccable slant route leads to a 45-yard touchdown off a play action from Hurts. Over $45,000 gets traded by bettors in a minute, with the Eagles shortening to $1.49 versus the Chiefs at $3.00.

9:39, 2nd quarter: Hurts fumble! Chiefs defense recover and run it in!

Philadelphia crosses halfway and into Chiefs’ territory thanks to sharp passing from Hurts and a 9-yard run from Kenneth Gainwell. They tighten into $1.41 … but wait – the ball slips out from Hurts on third down! Unforced as well. The Chiefs land a painless scoop-and-score touchdown. We’re back level at 14-14, with Kansas City plummeting from $3.50 into $2.08 inside a minute.

2:20, 2nd quarter: Hurts shakes off the blunder, puts Eagles back up 21-14

He might have soap bars for hands, but at least his legs work. Eagles get inside Chiefs territory, go for it on fourth-and-5. Nick Sirianni puts his trust in Hurts, who races up the field for 16 yards and a first down. So dependable on designed quarterback run plays. And he bobs up again in the redzone, taking the saloon passage through his offensive line for six. Eagles swing back into $1.60 favourite.

Halftime: Eagles add a field goal to extend the lead; Mahomes is hurt!

It’s the biggest momentum shift of Super Bowl LVII. A lead balloon moment for Chiefs fans and bettors alike. The Eagles have come hard for Mahomes during the Chiefs’ two-minute drill. He crumbles on third down and limps off in noticeable pain. The Eagles cruise downfield for their offensive possession, resulting in kicker Jake Elliott’s successful field goal attempt.

Exchange bettors react to the ensuing chaos with over $72,000 matched in the minute following Mahomes’ sudden decay. The Chiefs’ moneyline odds explode to $5.00 versus the Eagles at $1.24. After the field goal they reach a peak: $6.00 against $1.18. At 12:11pm there were bets matched on Mahomes to win Super Bowl MVP at $10.50 – stark contrast to his pre-play closing price of $2.56.

9:30, 3rd quarter: Pacheco flashes his way in for Chiefs touchdown

Not only is Mahomes’ ankle “fine”, but he’s scrambling for first down in the opening second-half drive! Rookie running back Isiah Pacheco seals the bountiful Chiefs’ possession with a touchdown, closing the gap to 3. Their odds sink to $2.25, with the Eagles drifting to $1.79. It’s game on in Arizona!

12:04, 4th quarter: Andy Reid beast mode activated; Chiefs lead 28-27

A seesawing third quarter is reflected in the Exchange markets. The Chiefs bounce from $2.25 to $3.55 to $2.70 and finally out to $3.85 – all in 15 minutes of live trading. Their second scoop-and-score touchdown (from a forced Eagles fumble this time) is overturned. The Eagles then go own to nail a field goal and put themselves six points ahead nearing the end of the third. They shorten to $1.45.

Next up: Kansas City. Their offensive line has worked brilliantly today; against one of the all-time modern-day rushing defenses, they prevented Mahomes from being sacked at all. But the big winner is coach Andy Reid. Perfect scheming sets up Mahomes for the easiest of touchdown passes to wide receiver Kadarius Toney. It becomes almost a coin-flip in the market: Chiefs $2.04 to Eagles $1.96.

9:22, 4th quarter: Toney’s monumental punt return flips the game on its head

The Chiefs are coming up with big stops and even bigger plays at a critical stage of the Super Bowl. A three-and-out forces the Eagles to punt, with Kadarius Toney hightailing it across midfield for 65 yards on the return. The Chiefs are five yards from the endzone, their odds plummet to $1.40. The resultant touchdown gives them a 35-27 lead and they sink into $1.27 – the shortest they’ve been all game.

The punt return-touchdown drive is also the most active period of in-play betting on the Exchange, with over $200,000 matched during these few minutes.

6:07, 4th quarter: Do the Eagles have an answer? YES! We’re tied at 35-35

All thanks to Jalen Hurts, no less. Four touchdowns total – and runs in the two-point conversion. All set up by his 47-yard spiral to wide receiver DeVonta Smith. The Eagles drifted to as long as $5.40 moments before the Smith catch before falling to $2.34. Bettors are still coy to take the Chiefs on.

End of Game: the Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl LVII

Leave it to Mahomes to practically seal victory. At first-and-10 and with the two-minute warning closing in, he pierces a gap through a collapsing pocket and runs (!!) a cool 26 yards, deep into the Eagles’ territory. At the two-minute warning, bettors have seen enough, and the Chiefs shorten into $1.20.

There was a total of $703,030.00 bet on the Eagles to win at moneyline odds of $1.30 or less, and, for those lucky few, $6,523.00 placed on the Chiefs at odds of $5.00 or more.

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