Caulfield Race 5 – CLICK HERE PDF

BACK (WIN) – Back Ranting at 5.2 or better & go again in
run if they sit in first few.

BACK (WIN) – If they lead on Rulership, I  will look to save it in run

In-play betting

Using The Mailbag’s race comments and speed maps in the supplied PDF, there may be opportunities to trade the race while it is in the run, otherwise known as in-play betting.

Jack Dickens has shared one of the ways of doing this, with a Back-to-Lay method, in the video below.

Crucial to in-play betting are third-party tools, such as Bet Angel, as these allow you to bet with much more speed and accuracy.

Back, Lay and Trade racing on Betfair. Join the world’s biggest betting exchange.

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