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At Betfair, we want winners. Aided by a catalogue of information provided in the previous Greyhound Betting Strategies articles, you have a useful guide to utilise products and resources designed to help you BetSmart.

Developing an informed and reliable system to punt on the often chaotic and undoubtedly fast-paced Greyhound races is difficult for anyone. The more assistance available, both fundamental and in-depth, the greater likelihood that we can bridge the gap between predictability and unpredictability.

We are determined to continue finding innovative and knowledgeable sources to grow our Betting Better pages and improve the educational service The Hub is here to provide.

Betfair Products And Resources


The SUREpick Greyhound ratings service is widely recognised as the greyhound form source of choice for professionals and novice punters alike. SUREpick employs a team of analysts around Australia who watch every race for which there is vision, and record every nuance of every dog in every race. With this knowledge and skills acquired over many years they are in the best possible position to predict the outcome of future meetings.

The Analysts

The Analysts comprise a team of industry professionals with expertise across all racing and sporting codes. For Greyhounds, they provide Feature Race Previews of selected Group 1 events. These previews include track details, race analysis, field and stats, and betting strategies.

Prominent Twitter Handles – Statistics

@GreyhoundRacing – A leading source of information and news.

@TheMeadowsDogs – The official handle of the Broadmeadows track in Victoria. Key Group 1 races, including the Australian Cup, are held here.

@sandowndogs – The account for the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club in Victoria. The world’s richest race, Melbourne Cup, is held at the venue along with other Group 1s.

@WPGrey – Wentworth Park is one the major Greyhound circuits in New South Wales. SUREpick often make considerations and selections on Wentworth meets.

@RSN927_ – Racing & Sport 927AM is a key media provider for racing, including Greyhounds, through its radio channel based in Victoria.

@TheWatchdogTips_ – Provides tips and suggestions for all Victorian tracks.

@GRV_News – Greyhound Racing Victoria is the official entity for promotion and regulation of the sport in Victoria.

Prominent Websites

Fast Track

Fast Track is Greyhound Racing Victoria’s data and operations portal, providing calendars, statistics and important announcements on race information like stewards, conditions and more.

The Dogs

The Dogs is another reliable source of Greyhound information. Form lists, race results and a variety of other relevant details.

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