Peter Webb: Bet Angel Founder

Peter Webb is the founder of Bet Angel. A popular third-party application that allows users to bet faster, with more information and apply their own personal customisation.

In this six-part series, Webb sits down with us to discuss his journey from first discovering the Betfair Exchange, to understanding how it works and eventually making the decision to give up his traditional office job to pursue a full-time income on Betfair.

Additionally, in the later episodes of the show, Peter shares his knowledge and provides tips on how to further your understanding of trading both racing and sports.

Back, Lay and trade racing and sports. Join the world’s biggest betting exchange.

Why are Third Party Tools Important?

The features vary for each tool, but the overwhelming feedback from professional Betfair punters is speed, speed, speed. That’s made possible by:

  • One-click betting
  • Ladder trading interface
  • 200-millisecond price refreshes (5x per second)
  • Customisable dashboards

For more on Bet Angel or any of the other Third Party Tools that can be used on the Exchange, check out our extensive catalogue.

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