NRL Betting: Products and Resources

At Betfair, we want winners. Aided by a catalogue of information provided in the previous NRL Betting Strategies articles, you have a useful guide to utilise products and resources designed to help you BetSmart.

Developing an informed and reliable system to punt on an equalised and fickle competition like the NRL is difficult for anyone. The more assistance available, both fundamental and in-depth, the greater likelihood that we can bridge the gap between predictability and unpredictability.

We are determined to continue finding innovative and knowledgeable sources to grow our Betting Better pages and improve the educational service The Hub is here to provide.

Betfair Products And Resources

Data Scientists

The Data Scientists take a purely statistical approach to predicting the outcome of every game in the NRL including the Final Series. The NRL Prediction Model uses a detailed mathematical system to identify value by comparing winning probability against the Market. Factors such as injuries and weather aren’t considered in the assessments but can be manually considered in your wagering to give you an added edge.

The Analysts

The Analysts comprise a team of industry professionals with expertise across all racing and sporting codes. A strong foundation of experience in researching, pricing and trading all facets of racing and sports has prompted the production of NRL Insights, an in-depth look at the form and trends of key matches each round of the NRL season, as well as State of Origin and Internationals.

External Products And Resources

Prominent Twitter Handles – Statistics

@NRL – The official Twitter page of the National Rugby League, featuring important news and analysis.

@Middleton_David  The doyen of the NRL Stats game. The man they call ‘Middo’ is the long-time Stats man for Nine’s NRL coverage and the author of countless Rugby League books. A fountain of Rugby League knowledge, keep an eye out for his weekly stats-based articles.

@FoxSportsLab  While not fully devoted to the game of Rugby League, Fox Sports Lab do provide live stats for NRL games to support the Fox League coverage. A great tool for in-play punters.

@obstructionrule  The Obstruction Rule market themselves as ‘Rugby League for smart people’, and it’s hard to argue with that. Sophisticated and well-written articles make up the site with the their VOA (Value Over Average) Rankings a must-read for NRL punters.

Prominent Twitter Handles – News and Views

@FOXNRL – The dedicated NRL handle of Fox Sports Australia offering news and opinion from their stable of writers.

@jimmyhooper – James Hooper, Chief Rugby League reporter for Fox Sports and heard on Triple M’s NRL coverage.

@BuzzRothfield – Phil Rothfield, Senior Rugby League Reporter for The Daily Telegraph.

@Danny_Weidler – Danny Weidler, Sports reporter for Channel 9 News and Sydney Morning Herald columnist.

@josh_massoud – Josh Massoud, Sports reporter for Channel 7 News, formally with The Daily Telegraph.

@MCarayannis – Michael Carayannis, The Daily Telegraph Reporter

@Nath_Ryan – Nathan Ryan, Fox Sports Reporter

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