WA Pacing Cup, Friday January 15: The Harness Pro

Posted: January 15, 2016

Harness Pro


WA PACING CUP @ Gloucester Park, Friday January 15 

Track Circumference: 804.5m

Straight: 143m

IMPORTANT: NO sprint lane. Front line: 9 runners.




Runner & Comment

  1. Devendra: Gets the perfect draw for him. Was flying during the recent Interdominion series, had he drawn this spot in the final would likely have started favourite. There’s no Lennytheshark or Philadelphia Man in this so it is hard to see him starting longer than $2.50. Will be the leader.
  2. Run Oneover: Has gate speed and with so many better credentialed Hall runners drawn off the back, don’t be surprised to see him kick up early and hold the death seat. Looks challenged to sit in the running line and beat these. Will need luck.
  3. Lovers Delight: Was scratched last week when I thought that he was drawn well to use his speed. He won’t be able to cross to the rails here, and best options would be to take a sit in the running line early and hope they go mad in front.
  4. Libertybelle Midfrew: Never in the race last week, she has gate speed, may be best served to go forward then hand up the death seat early. Hard to see her running over the top of them.
  5. John Of Arc: Handled himself well last week in the Fremantle Cup. Doesn’t map well here and may just have to go back at the start and drive for luck late. Has never seen this distance before either. Others preferred.
  6. Waylade: Was not put into the race at any stage in the Freo Cup last week. Prefer him over the shorter trips and may just have come to the end of his preparation.
  7. Bettors Fire: Used his natural speed well to lead last week then hand up to the favourite. Was coming off a six week break then, but looks tested form out here.
  8. Avonnova: Once again the Queensland visitor draws a horror gate, has been the norm for him since arriving in the west. Dropped out last week after facing the breeze, may want to be driven for luck tonight with the likely good tempo.
  9. Our Blackbird: Shocking draw and will be carted back early and likely finish up four back on the pegs. Will need a lot of luck. Rough place chance at best.
  10. Beaudiene Boaz: Talented four-year-old that beat a similar field in the Freo Cup last week when gifted the front. Tough ask here, decisions will need to be made by G Hall Jnr whether to follow the leader and likely favourite or get off fence early. Best chance if he stays on leaders back and drives aggressively for luck down the back straight the last time.
  11. My Hard Copy: Another from the Hall stable that in my opinion should be the second elect. Super effort when running second to his more fancied stablemate Beaudiene Boaz last week. Clear danger to the pole marker.
  12. Jason Rulz: Not a bad draw for him and should end up three back the pegs. Should have a soft run and when the field breaks up down the back can angle clear and run on. Chance at big odds.
  13. Mach Alert (Em 1): Was only fair in the Freo Cup last week and would need a front line draw where he can use his speed if gaining a start to be any chance.
  14. Smokey The Bandit (Em 2): Looks outclassed in this and would need a horse drawn on the rails to come out to have a hope of running a place.

Race Summary

With so many Hall runners it seems the one horse that they did not want to draw the pole has done that in DAVENDRA, and will start favourite on the night. Has brilliant gate speed, can run the trip and so long as there aren’t any shenanigans mid-race, looks as good a thing on paper around this tight circuit as you will see. BEAUDIENE BOAZ will have options as to stay on DAVENDRA’s back early or get off, but if the leader is driven well, I just can’t see the four-year-old running past him. JASON RULZ will get a cheap pegs run and looks a great place bet at huge odds. Depending on which of the Hall runners are sent forward mid-race, MY HARD COPY looks the only other chance of an upset. Apart from these four, I would be very reluctant to play wider. The speed map looks set, just a matter of mid-race tactics as to how easy DAVENDRA gets it in front, knowing the WA drivers, they won’t hand this on a platter to a horse trained in the East.


Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK – WIN – DAVENDRA (1) > $2.00 for 10 units

Back on Betfair BACK – PLACE – JASON RULZ (12) > $10 for 2 units

Laying on Betfair LAY – WIN – BEAUDIENE BOAZ (10) < $4 for 3 units