Victorian Harness, Kilmore 25th June 2016 – R4, 7 & 8

Overview: Surprisingly strong meeting at Kilmore tonight following the great Vicbred Semis last night


R4 Ken Chapman Memorial

Speed Map

Trip Sevens has shown some gate speed previously and will look to push forward, Reisdomic could begin, first starter Nansastar has led at the trials, might be some pace on early.

Major Players

2. Trip Sevens: Plodder that is having trouble breaking through for its C0 win, Sugars will have it in a good spot though, happy to risk.

3. Bombza Way: Ran on well untouched recently in a Bendigo trial, chance.

5. Nansastar: Had a few trials and won two of them, led in a Melton trial last week and was flat pump going a mile rate of 2.02.0, Nansastar is no star, risk.

7. My Lady Linda: Trapped wide (from barrier 3) last start and didn’t appear to handle to tight Wagga track but still ran on late, better suited at Kilmore, chance.


Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Trip Sevens at 2.90 or less

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Nansastar at 6.00 or less

R7 J P McKay Memorial 

Speed Map

Lance will just let Crockets Cullen run along in front, Garibaldi will follow it through, Albie Ashwood has options on Macha.

Major Players

1. Crockets Cullen: Won last two starts impressively but steps up a bit here.

8. Garibaldi: Will get the run of the race, can win.

9. Macha: Really nice horse in top stable, coming along nicely from long lay off, has class on its side.


Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Crockets Cullen at 2.20 or less

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN ) Macha at 2.60 +


R8 Roger Reeves Memorial

Speed Map

Miracle begins well usually and should land in front, Zhenya will be up near the lead, Super Zeck will be around towards the front at some point during the race.

Major Players

1. Miracle: Back from impressive Monte win, slight query at the long trip.

2. Zhenya: Racing well, can win if leads, won’t be far away.

3. Savannah Jay Jay: Should be well placed on the fence somewhere in the run.

9. Super Zeck: Topclass trotter who begins well and should be able to overcome the 30m handicap when the pace slackens, should be too good.


Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Super Zeck at 2.70

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