Victorian Harness, Ballarat 9th June 2016 – R2, 6 & 7

R2 Workskills – Romain Martaeu Trot

Speed Map

Nail It should be first to the pegs here with Sumo Grin having a look for the lead and in my opinion will be quick enough to find it whilst Nordic Ice should gradually work to the death.I Can’t see many mid race moves coming in this small field.

Major Players

2. Nail It: Been racing OK but think there might be a couple too good for him here, will get a nice run in transit though.

4. Zoomas Legend: Figure form very ordinary but has trialled ok and can improve here, place chance at odds.

5. Sumo Grin: Looks the likely leader and last time it led was a good 17m victory so one of the main players.

6. Nordic Ice: Been competitive in stronger races with form around Sparkling Success so looks well placed here. He ran two cracking races before he broke stride last time, if he can reproduce the form of those previous two runs he’ll be mighty hard to beat here.


Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Nordic Ice at $2+


R6 Worldskills – Kelvin Marquand Pace

Speed Map

Plenty of early speed here but from the draw I expect Reeds May to boot through maintain her favourite role. Stay And Play, Im The Boss and Hoo Nien should all challenge for early supremacy also, so I expect a relatively hot tempo in the initial stages. Good time Alltime may look to work around once the dust settles.

Major Players

1. Reeds May: Hasn’t won for a long time and although he might lead for a long way, the last 100m might be a struggle.

2. Stay And Play: Narrowly went down last time and is one of the main chances again today, will be in the finish.

4. I’m The Boss: If he can cross to the pegs early I’d give him an each-way hope but that’s easier said than done in a tough race.

6. Battle Born: Might get his wish granted of a solid pace injection early and he’ll be charging home late.

7. Goodtime Alltime: A good win last time and with a touch of luck there’s no reason he can’t back it up with another victory here.


Betting Strategy

I think there’s a few winning chances in this and as the likely fav Stay And Play won’t get things all her own way.

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Stay And Play at $2.20 or less.


R7 Worldskills – Tim Taylor Pacers Handicap

Speed Map

Im Lonely led last time she raced from the tapes and off the front marker she’s a decent chance of doing the same. Hellfire Angel is quite experienced at ‘Standing Starts’ and there aren’t many better than Chris Alford at getting them away so will be up in the leading group early. Fundamentalist should work forward mid race providing he gets away cleanly. Only concern was in his first two starts from the tapes where he galloped away on both occasions.

Major Players

2. I’m Lonely: Will look to set a solid tempo to make it hard for the back markers here, with its last two runs very honest.

5. Hellfire Angel: Loves the standing starts and will no doubt be in the money as I can see him almost leading by the time they reach the first turn.

6. Fundamentalist: The best horse in the race, but the stationary start and fact he’s off 20m dampen my confidence slightly. Still, if he gets away OK he should win.

7. Holly’s Miss Molly: Drops back a class today after 10 runs without a win so that should help.  Can get home strong but needs a nice cart into it.

8. Trison: Might find it tough off 20m, although it won last start. Have it rated equally to the stable mate Im Lonely who went every bit as good.

9. Rory Mach: Another of the back markers who will need to make his move at the right time. A knockout but would prefer to back others.


Betting Strategy

I’ll play this race carefully and a lot depends on the prices.

Major query in the race is whether Fundamentalist can get away safely, if it can I expect it to win but I want at least $2.20 for the risk.

I’m also keen to back Hellfire Angel the place at $2.80+ and if Trison is $2.50 or less for the place, lay it.

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Fundamentalist at $2.20

Back on Betfair BACK (PLACE) Hellfire Angel at $2.80 or more

Laying on Betfair LAY (PLACE) Trison <$2.50

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