The Form Hound’s Saturday Selections: May 28 – The Meadows and Wentworth Park


The Meadows

Race 11 Sky Racing

#8 My Girl Chloe

I’ve always preferred this chaser from an inside draw at 450-500 metre range. She’s much better over a shorter trip and is likely to burn a stack of early energy crossing from the outside draw. I expect Boxes 1 to 4 can either hold her out, or at worst sit right behind her down the back straight and run over the top of her. It may be a stressful lay but hopefully well earned.


Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair  LAY (WIN) My Girl Chloe on the Betfair SP



Wentworth Park

Race 8 Stakes

#1 One Hill

He hasn’t had much luck in two recent starts and this was evidenced here last start where he had Box 6 and was forced to go wide on the first turn and never really found the rails to just before the home turn. He then finished in a flurry but it was too late. Tonight, off the cherry it should be a different ball game as he will find a forward position along the rail and I am hoping he proves way too good for these. The smaller field is also to his benefit.


Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair  BACK (WIN) One Hill on the Betfair SP