Your Expert EPL Tips 2019/20

The team at TPSS are giving their EPL Tips for the 2019/20 Premier League season.

With a focus on the Top Six, we’ll have previews for all the big games, every match week on the Betfair Hub.

To avoid confusion, that is, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

When these teams clash with each other we will replace it with EPL tips from the remaining pool of games.

Lastly, be sure to check out the Betfair Hub and the Betfair Exchange for up to the minute Premier League and football odds.

International Rugby Union 2019

Our international rugby union experts are in New Zealand. They follow every high level professional league in the world and have an unmatched database of international results. Any time a high profile rugby country are playing a test match, you can find a preview on this page.

2019 Rugby Championship Odds and Tips: Your Expert Preview

Rugby Championship Odds

Bookmark this page as your resource for Rugby Championship odds and weekly expert previews.

With years of rugby betting and tipping under their belt, The Analysts will provide weekly Rugby Championship previews to help you find winners as the shortened competition commences.

For the best odds on the Rugby Championship, head to the Betfair Exchange.

UEFA Europa League Expert Tips 2019/20

Betfair Soccer Experts TPSS are back to give their Europa League Tips for the 2019/20 tournament. They will preview major games in the latter stage of the tournament and give their expert tips along the way.

Your Expert NFL Tips for the 2019 Season

The Expert team at Champion Bets will be providing their best NFL Tips for the entire season, including the playoffs. For all of the prime time Games, Champion Bets will have full in-depth previews for each match, regardless of the Conference or Division.

To view some of the previews in recent years including previous Superbowls from Champion Bets, head to the Betfair Hub.

And if you’re betting, go where the value is and head to the Betfair Exchange.

UEFA Champions League Expert Tips 2019/20

Betfair Soccer Experts TPSS are back to give their Champions League Tips for the 2019/20 tournament. They will preview major games in each stage of the tournament and give their expert tips along the way.

International Rugby League 2019

If you bet on international rugby league, then you’ll love the expert previews we share on this page. Authored by external pro punters, it previews all of the big international league matches. Plus it offers exclusive insight and betting suggestions.

Your Weekly A-League Predictions

Your weekly A-League Predictions live here, provided from a pro punter. Exclusive to the Betfair Hub, we will be share expert insight and recommended bets for the biggest games every round.

Go where the value is on the A-League and head to the Betfair Exchange.

Your Expert NBL Tips

Our local basketball experts never lost their love for the NBL and will be on hand all season to share their exclusive NBL tips. Their focus will be on the Thursday and Friday night matches and we’ll aim to have these predictions available every Wednesday on the Betfair Hub.

We’re pleased to share that you’ll find all the primary NBL betting markets on the Betfair Exchange too. Go where the value is for your win, total and line bets this season.

NBA Predictions: Your Daily Model

Your daily resource for NBA predictions.

Betfair has commissioned a data science team to model every game of the NBA season. You’ll see the outputs below.

The model uses a purely statistical approach to determine the probability of each team winning, and the predictions get stronger as the season evolves. You can compare the daily NBA predictions to the betting markets on the world’s largest peer to peer punting platform, Betfair.

Back-To-Lay Selections: These teams are expected to trade lower in-play. Betfair punters can lock in a profit regardless of the result with Betfair trading.

Back & Lay Selections:
 These team bets have been identified as having an increased likelihood of occurring compared to the market expectation.

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