UEFA Champions League Expert Tips 2018/19

Betfair Soccer Experts, Football Form labs are back to give their Champions League Predictions for the 2018/19 tournament. They will preview major games in each stage of the tournament and give their expert tips along the way.


Golf Betting Tips: Prediction Model

Betfair’s Prediction Model provides golf betting tips for the PGA and tournaments. The data science tool rates every player’s probability for a particular course. It knows the strengths of each player, pulling data from PGA Tour Stats, and what courses they suit. As well as recent form and a variety of other metrics.

You get golf betting tips, and complimenting copy, each week on the Betfair Hub. Plus you can see the model outputs for every player. Compare those with the odds on the Betfair Exchange and you’ll identify value betting opportunities. Both to Lay and to Back.

Current Profit and Loss

Total Units Staked: 14.25

Total Units Returned: 15.50

ROI:  +5.26%

How To Use The Punters Toolbox From Neds

Neds have been using the usual corporate bookmaker playbook since they opened in 2017. Promotional marketing. They’re offering large sign up offers and they’ve increased the opportunities by creating the Neds Punters Toolbox.

As one of the leading matched betting services in Australia (Bonus Money), we’re going to show you how to take advantage of these offers. In fact, we’re going to show you the step by step strategy we recommend for all four of Neds’ tools.

Your Expert NFL Tips for the 2018 Season

The Expert team at Champion Bets will be providing their best NFL Tips for the entire season, including the playoffs. For all of the prime time Games, Champion Bets will have full in depth previews for each match, regardless of the Conference or Division.

To view some of the previews in recent years including previous Superbowls from Champion Bets, head to the Betfair Hub.

And if you’re betting, go where the value is and head to the Betfair Exchange.

The Federal Election: Your Early Betting Preview

Labor or the Coalition.

The Coalition or Labor.

When the Federal election is held somewhere between November 2018 and May 2019, around 16.25 million voters will determine which side will win.

HUB 101: Where Do I Start?

Betfair’s Hub exists to make you smarter. Really. Betfair isn’t a corporate bookmaker that bans you for winning on promos or closes your account because you’re too smart at horse racing.

We reward you by inviting you to our events, introducing you to other smart punters and delivering you data sources that could help your punting P+L.

It’s not a short journey to becoming a full time professional punter, but whatever stage you’re at, The Hub can help you improve.

1. Insights by Experts

The first place to hang out is our Insights section. From The Hub Guide you’ll see betting previews for every major sporting event of the year.

However, what sets these apart is they’re not written by ‘Joe the Punter’ who recommends putting every favourite into a multi. They’re written by legitimate experts. Horse racing teams and quant syndicates whose primary income is their betting profit. Or real on-course bookies and pro punters sharing the horses they’re ‘laying’ (betting against).

Check out:

2. how to bet on betfair

The Betfair Exchange can be an intimidating experience for some users, so we like to educate new clients on how it works. There’s a great series of videos which does this in just minutes. And some additional written materials which will talk you through Backing & Laying.

One specific product to learn about is the Betfair Starting Price (BSP). If you’re used to backing horses best tote, then you should be able to improve your results by using BSP. Since it’s introduction the BSP has beaten best tote by over 14%.

3. Betting Principles & Psychology

Before you start betting up, you need to understand two components. Mindset and value.

Jack Houghton does an incredible job at teaching you how to use discipline in his betting psychology articles. Even the most profitable pros need to revisit this material constantly.

And before you can be a pro, you need to understand the principles of punting. Over-rounds, arbitrage and staking plans are some of the key learnings.

4. Pro Punting Strategies

The next step in your educational journey should be strategies that are specific to your sport.

In the BetSmart Racing Series Daniel O’Sullivan shares one of the most detailed racing educations you’ll find.

Another profitable path that appeals to a tonne of Betfair clients is Promotional Arbitrage (or match betting).

5. automate your edge

Once your betting strategy is profitable, it’s time to scale up. The best way to do that is automation.

Whilst betting automatically and making a five, six or seven figure income sounds absurd, it happens. You’ll notice a bunch of guys living that dream in our Customer Insights section.

The five and six figure stories vary, but the next level up is typically achieved by a similar group of people. Maths doctors and computer scientists.

To help you eventually climb Everest, we have a bunch of Tools to help. They could be third party apps that speed up your trading or specific resources that help you access the Betfair API. We’ve also got Data, a dedicated GitHub page and many other resources in our Automated Betting Station.