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AFL Betting – Season of Swing 2017

Is this the most compelling AFL season of all-time? There is certainly a case to be made and notably, the betting exchange would agree.

Psychology Of Betting – Overconfidence

In the latest instalment of the Psychology of Betting series, the effects of overconfidence and how best to avoid the downfalls are explored.

Soccer Betting: Introduction

Soccer Betting: Introduction  Two Keys To Betting Two things that go

Greyhound Betting: Introduction

Greyhound Market Liquidity provides a look at how Betfair punters are using the Exchange and consider reasons why.

AFL Betting: Betfair Market Liquidity

The Season So Far – Round 1-15 It’s a marathon, not a sprint. A quote often used by former coaching legend Mick Malthouse to describe the pursuit of an AFL premiership, the 2017 season is particular proof that the pinnacle of the sport is a heralded position reserved for the true stayers. Last season’s Grand

NRL Betting Strategy | Total Points Betting

Total Points betting is the most popular ‘side’ market in NRL betting but it is one that is played stronger by sharp punters and weaker by Joe Average.

NRL Betting Strategy – Dividing The Season

One critical element to having success as an NRL punter is identifying that all rounds of the season are not the same.

Greyhound Education – Greyhound Habits v Competitor Habits

One of the most important aspects of being a successful greyhound punter is studying race replays, often the same race over and over again and studying each runner.

Greyhound Education – Early Speed

Out of the three racing codes, early speed at the start of the race is by far the most important in greyhound racing.

NRL Betting Strategy – Close Games

The single best indicator of how a team will perform from one year to the next, or the direction a team will likely move on the ladder, is how the results go in close games.