NFL Week 7: Sunday Night Football – Seattle @ Arizona



ARIZONA (-1.5) Seattle (u/o 43.5)



Seattle jumped out to a 17-3 lead, only to fall behind 24-17 before scoring the final nine points in their 26-24 victory over Atlanta. The game was evenly played both in the running game and passing game with neither team running the ball well but both teams throwing the ball well (6.7yps ATL, 6.9yps SEA). Overall, Atlanta out gained Seattle 5.7yppl to 5.1yppl but Atlanta threw the ball eight more times while Seattle ran the ball nine more times.

Arizona had an easy 28-3 Monday night win over the Jets. Arizona ran for 171 yards at 4.9ypr compared to just 33 yards at 2.4ypr for NY. They out passed the Jets 6.4yppl to 5.2yppl and had a plus two turnover margin. Overall, they out gained the Jets 5.7yppl to 4.4yppl and controlled the clock by about 12 minutes.

Seattle averages just 3.2ypr against 4.3ypr but 7.0yps against 6.6yps. Overall, they have been slightly below average, gaining just 5.4yppl against 5.6yppl. The defense is performing well, allowing 3.3ypr against 3.9ypr and 5.8yps against 6.8yps. Overall, they allow just 4.8yppl against 5.6yppl.

The Arizona offense is doing okay running the ball, averaging 4.4ypr against 4.0ypr but averaging just 6.0yps against 6.8yps. Overall, they average just 5.4yppl against 5.6yppl. The defense has played very good pass defense, allowing just 5.0yps against 6.2yps. Overall, they allow just 4.6yppl against 5.2yppl.

Seattle will likely be without S Kam Chancellor. Chancellor missed last week’s game as well and there were communication issues for Seattle in his absence that led to an Atlanta touchdown. Seattle will be without RB Thomas Rawls who is still listed as inactive.

WR John Brown is doubtful for this game and QB Carson Palmer looks like he will play but nobody knows just how healthy he is with a hamstring complaint.

I don’t have any situations on this game. I make the number Arizona by five points and project about 37 points. So far this year Arizona is 0-3 against teams at .500 or above, 3-0 against teams below .500 and haven’t scored more than 21 points against the above .500 teams. The only team Seattle allowed more than 18 points to was Atlanta last week, which was 24. At this point I think Seattle is playing better football and has the advantage as I’ve never been a big fan of the Arizona style of play when they face the elite teams.





YPR = Yards Per Rush

YPS = Yards Per Pass

YPPL = Yards Per Play