The Betfair Insider Harness Ratings: Cranbourne, Thursday 1st December 2016

Posted: December 1, 2016

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Cranbourne.

Cranbourne Markets R1 – 7

R1 Melton Saddlery Pace | 16096:26pm

Major Break has been good since being in the Crossland stable. Looks top pick. Awesome Cullect was a decent enough youngster but hasn’t really gone on with it. A bookies friend when beaten as a $1.40 favourite three starts ago. Allys Comet improved last time.

Race Confidence: Medium

3. Major Break$2.08
4. Awesome Cullect$2.80
6. Allys Comet$14.00
1. Pats Legacy$32.00
10. Vino Joe$55.00
2. Chandys Girl$75.00
7. Queen Of Jenna$120.00
9. Wasmeantobe$120.00
5. Caesars Astrum$500.00
8. Sudden Explosion$500.00

Betting Strategy 

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Major Break

R2 Blue Hills Rise Pace | 16096:57pm

The two top picks look the two that will contest the lead here with Greenough who likes to lead but has a driver change. Eljulio can opt to try and hold it out or take a trail but probably the best option due to the lack of quality behind it.

Race Confidence: Low

1. Eljulio$2.04
3. Greenough$2.78
7. Break A Wrist$13.00
5. Popeye Village$26.00
4. Mystic Castle$75.00
2. Its The Emblem$120.00
6. Officially Perfect$120.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Eljulio

R3 Aldebaran Park Trot (2nd Heat) | 2080| 7:30pm

There will be plenty of people wanting to lay Marvellous Max due to its bad manners, however, if it trots all the way it’s a $1.10 chance. Greg The Great has a new driver/trainer which will be interesting to see. Ghent looks the only other chance.

Race Confidence: Medium

1. Marvellous Max$1.45
6. Ghent$5.50
4. Greg The Great$12.00
2. Rhyme Nor Rhythm$42.00
3. Riegele Deception$180.00
5. Well Deserved$180.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Marvellous Max

R4 Pace | 1609| 8:03pm

Bubbling Gypsy usually likes to lead which will leave Sugars on Expectagrin with a decision; try and hold him out or take a trail and do its best up the sprint lane. If it were up to me, I’d go with the latter. No Bettertime is probably the class horse here but hasn’t won since May 2015.

Race Confidence: High

1. Expectagrin$2.85
3. Bubbling Gyspy$2.85
10. No Bettertime$8.60
8. Little Bit Sassy$16.00
9. Drayton$19.50
5. Monterey Jack$50.00
6. Destiny Warrior$50.00
2. Illawong Libby$70.00
4. Royal Canvas$250.00
7. Dirty Diesel$250.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (PLACE) Little Bit Sassy

R5 Seelite Windows & Doors Pace (1st Heat) 2080m | 8:30pm

Sir Gest likes to lead and should be able to do so. Somedan looks the best horse but must be put into the race at some stage from the wide gate. Run Myles Run gets the cushy run with Sugars on. La Patata is a rough place chance as it could be three pegs.

Race Confidence: High

7. Somedan$1.76
5. Sir Gest$3.65
1. Run Myles Run$12.50
4. Wemen Sporty$26.00
3. Macdawn$120.00
6. Run Rabbit Run$120.00
10. Hidden Promise$120.00
9. La Patata$170.00
2. Indulgent$500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Run Myles Run

R6 Mark Gurry & Associates Pace | 2080| 9:00pm

The old timers Grins Rendition and Artoc will fight out the early speed battle here. The Family Guy can also show pace so tactics are at a premium in this small field of claimers

Race Confidence: Low

2. Artoc$2.60
3. Hollys Miss Molly$3.40
1. Grins Rendition$7.00
4. Goodtime Rusty$12.50
6. Anvil Gav$16.00
5. The Family Guy$70.00
7. Ella Michelle$70.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Artoc

R7 Decron Pace | 1609| 9:30pm

Small field where tactics will play a major part. Expect Stuart to go forward here. Ringtripleowe is flying but this is a huge driving change here with Greg Sugars off and Mitchell Barker on. Proficient is the class horse here and looks the winner.

Race Confidence: High

6. Proficient$1.79
2. Stuart$4.10
4. Ringtripleowe$5.80
5. Ocean Bay$55.00
1. Extremely Efficient$500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Proficient

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