Racing Prediction Model: Identifying Key Runners

Posted: April 13, 2016

Find runners that outperform the market expectation with The Data Scientists’ Racing Prediction Model.

Helping Betfair punters with their form, this Racing Model takes a purely statistical approach to refine the field down to the most probable outcomes. Analysing up to 30 variables in this process, it then ranks these runners identifying the best betting opportunities in order.

Benefits for Punters

Back on Betfair  Focus on the most probable runners
Back on Betfair  Outperforms the market in the long term
Back on Betfair  Assists in identifying value Back & Lays

Back on Betfair

The Model’s Process

1. Detect runners outperforming market expectation

2. Refines to 5 best winning chances per race

3. Ranks runners in order of value