NFL Week 4: Sunday Night Football – Pittsburgh v Kansas City


Pittsburgh -4 @ Kansas City 47

Monday October 3, 11:30am AEST 



KC blew out the Jets last week 24-3 and the game was probably as easy as the final score represents but KC was the benefactor/caused eight Jet turnovers, including six interceptions. They returned an interception and a fumble for a touchdown and turned two other turnovers into short drives for fg’s. They only averaged 2.7ypr on the day but did gain 6.3yps. Overall, they gained 4.7yppl. They allowed the Jets to rush for 117 yards at 5.3ypr. They held NY to just 4.3yps. Overall, the Jets averaged just 4.6yppl.

Pittsburgh had their hat handed to them in Philadelphia last week in their 34-3 loss. The Steelers rushed for a meager 29 yards at 2.9ypr and threw for only 222 yards at 4.6yps. Overall, they gained just 4.3yppl and lost the time of possession by almost 10 minutes. Philly gained 125 yards rushing at 4.2ypr, 301 yards passing at 9.7yps and 426 yards overall at 7.0yppl. It was a complete domination of the Steelers.

For the season KC is really struggling throwing the ball, averaging just 5.7yps against teams allowing 6.7yps and 5.2yppl against 5.8yppl. The pass defense has been very good, allowing just 5.8yps against 6.4yps and overall they allow 5.1yppl against teams averaging 5.3yppl.

Despite being known as a great passing team, Pittsburgh is well below average throwing the ball this year, averaging just 6.1yps against 6.8yps and overall on offense they average just 5.3yppl against 5.7yppl. The pass defense is allowing 7.7yps against 7.2yps and overall the Steelers defense allows 6.5yppl against teams averaging 5.9yppl.

I don’t have any situations on this game. My numbers make Pittsburgh just a one point favourite in this game. They project about 43 points.



Pittsburgh 24 Kansas City 21

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