NFL Monday Night Football Week 2: Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears – Champion Bets

Chicago -3 @ Philadelphia 42.5

Tuesday September 20, 10:30am AEST




Hard to tell how good Philadelphia and Carson Wentz are after their easy 29-10 win over lowly Cleveland. The one concerning factor could be the 120 yards at 5.7ypr they allowed Cleveland but Philly did run for 133 yards themselves but for only 3.9ypr. They did throw for 6.9yps and held Cleveland to 5.8yps. Philadelphia also controlled the clock for nearly 20 more minutes than Cleveland. They’ll take another step up in class this week against a good Bears defense and an excellent defensive coordinator.


Chicago jumped out to a lead in Houston but couldn’t maintain the lead. The Bears held Houston to just 3.7ypr but it did result in 131 yards. Chicago only threw for 5.4yps but held Houston to just 5.8yps. The Bears allowed five sacks and gave up 13 more minutes of possession time on the clock. Both teams averaged 4.8yppl but Houston ran the ball 15 more times to dilute their overall yppl numbers.


I don’t have any situations on this game. This game figures to pit two teams against each other who want to control the ball, eat the clock and go home. This game would not surprise me to be a low scoring game. Chicago defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and Philly defensive coordinator Jim Schawrtz figure to make life difficult for both offences. No strong opinion on this game but I will lean with the dog and the under.




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