Interdominion Heats Round1 @ Gloucester Park, Friday 27 November: The Harness Pro


1st Rd Interdominion Heats @ Gloucester Park, Friday 27 November


Reigning Champion: Beautide

Track Circumference: 804.5m

Straight: 143m

IMPORTANT: No Sprint Lane in Operation




Runner & Comment:

  1. Machtu: Not the number one Hall runner but draws to get the prefect trail.
  2. Waylade: Looks to have a mortgage on this. Should find the front, no flash odds though.
  3. Shannonsablast: Looks outclassed in this. Maps to be off the rails, struggle to see him getting big points here.
  4. Davendra: Has gate speed but may have to sit parked initially. Will be looking for cover early on. Place best.
  5. For A Reason: Grand Circuit veteran, his best racing seems to be behind him. Would need to be a pearler of a drive.
  6. Libertybelle Midfrew: Star WA mare that faces her toughest test. Was fair against Waylade two back, needs to be driven for luck.
  7. Easy On The Eye: Run was better than it looked at Melton. Gets Amanda on for the suspended Lauren Panella, tactics will be interesting.
  8. Our Hi Jinx: Top line Queenslander drawn horribly. Will probably look to go back and try and score major points in the remaining heats.
  9. Dynamite Dude: Looks totally outclassed in this. Will start triple figure odds.
  10. Jason Rulz: Ex-Kiwi now with top local trainer. Drawn beautifully to run a place from 3 pegs.
  11. Smokey the Bandit (Em 1): Looks an outside place chance only if he gets a start.
  12. Lets Elope (Em 2): Would need a favourable scratching to run a place. Tough this class.


Race Summary:

Looks a one at affair in Heat 1. The all-conquering Hall stable looks to hold all the aces, with the perfect draw for their two hopes WAYLADE and MACHTU. The latter should be handing straight up to the stablemate at the start, and with a gruelling three heats ahead of them, this looks like being just a walk and sprint up the straight, probably resulting in maximum points for the Hall camp. EASY ON THE EYE and DAVENDRA will probably be the ones on speed in the running line and if they don’t go crazy as expected, should be able to hold on for the minor placings. It’s very difficult seeing anything else getting into the race, with JASON RULZ the other place chance, should get the gun run 3 pegs.


Betting Activity:

BACK – PLACE – MACHTU (1) > $2.2




Runner & Comment:

  1. Our Blackbird: Doubt he will play much part in the series except when getting draws like this. Real place chance.
  2. Flaming Flutter: Should have enough gate speed to cross and can’t see the inside wanting to hold him out.
  3. Five Star Anvil: Consistent veteran that may be best suited dropping back to the pegs at the start. Driver will get the most out of him.
  4. My Hard Copy: Looks to go back at the start, will be running on hard.
  5. Billies A Star: Star WA 5yo that can go forward here. May have to face the breeze. Place best.
  6. Classic American: Boasts an impressive record but looks challenged from the draw in this class. Big odds.
  7. Lennytheshark: Series favourite that once again draws poorly. Will work forward, and with the nature of the series, may get gifted the front.
  8. Major Crocker: Has gate speed but doubt they will want to use it here. Outside place chance only.
  9. Blazin N Cullen: Usually gets back anyway, will be steaming home. Not sure around here though.
  10. 10.Mach Alert: Disappointing at final lead-up. Gets the good rails draw to get decent points.
  11. Smokey the Bandit (Em 1): Looks an outside place chance only if he gets a start.
  12. Lets Elope (Em 2): Would need a favourable scratching to run a place. Tough this class.


Race Summary:

I guess after the first heat we will know the intentions of the majority of the drivers, will it be follow them around and hope for the best and save your horse for the tough series ahead, or will it be fair dinkum racing. I’m tipping the former, and as a result LENNYTHESHARK should just roll forward at the start and be handed the lead from FLAMING FLUTTER. From there it will be very hard to beat, he is the deserved favourite for the series. As usual with races here @ GP, the rails will be the spot to be with OUR BLACKBIRD and MACH ALERT place chances getting the cheap runs. Look for any tactic notifications, if FLAMING FLUTTER declares to hold the front, it would be a major mistake in my opinion. I think BLAZIN N CULLEN will improve when he gets to the bigger tracks and one to look out for in later heats.


Betting Activity:





Runner & Comment:

  1. Lovers Delight: Veteran WA gelding that will be best served taking the sit on the likely early speed battle here.
  2. Bettors Fire: Should go forward and probably gets to the pegs first. What happens after that will be interesting.
  3. Northview Punter: Also has gate speed, tactics will be interesting. Up in class so prefer to see against this lot.
  4. Mach Beauty: Has speed to burn and will be pushing forward. Won’t want to get in a speed battle.
  5. Meadowbranch DJ: Irish visitor that has been a big talking point prior to the series. Impossible to see him featuring on what we saw at his first Oz run. Should improve on that though.
  6. Philadelphia Man: Freakishly talented Victorian that should be the beneficiary of the early speed battle. Has the right driver.
  7. Crusader Banner: Will go back in this and looks outclassed. Others preferred.
  8. Cold Major: The draw will probably dictate the tactics in going back. Will start big odds.
  9. Franco Ledger: Consistent Victorian, look for him to improve on this when better drawn later in the series.
  10. Avonnova: Star Queenslander looks like having a quiet run here in Round One. Place chance.
  11. Smokey the Bandit (Em 1): Looks an outside place chance only if he gets a start.
  12. Lets Elope (Em 2): Would need a favourable scratching to run a place. Tough this class.


Race Summary:

Looks the most interesting of the heats on night one, and one we can get very involved in. The speed battle early will be intriguing with some pundits saying that MACH BEAUTY will not get the easy lead it is accustomed to. BETTORS FIRE should get to the pegs first and looks like being a speed battle. Gavin Lang should just sit back, let them go crazy and move forward with PHILADELPHIA MAN, and quite simply outstay them late. COLD MAJOR (at huge odds) and AVONNOVA look winning chances as well as I expect the lead times to be brutal. Franco Ledger is one to watch when drawn better later in the series on the bigger track.


Betting Activity:


BACK – WIN – COLD MAJOR (8) > $101

BACK – WIN – AVONNOVA (10) > $12.

LAY – WIN – BETTORS FIRE (2) < $4.00

LAY – WIN – MACH BEAUTY (4) < $3.40