Inter Dominion Grand Final @ Gloucester Park, Sunday December 13: The Harness Pro

Posted: December 12, 2015

Harness Pro

Track Circumference: 804.5m

Straight: 143m

IMPORTANT: Sprint Lane NOT in Operation. Front line: 9 runners.

Below is the points tally after Rd 3 of the Inter Dominion heats. The top 10 (plus 2 emergencies) make the final.

1- Lennytheshark (39)

2- Philadelphia Man (39)

3- Devendra (34)

4- Lovers Delight (32)

5- Avonnova (27)

6- My Hard Copy (26)

7- Waylade (26)

8- Our Blackbird (22)

9- Flaming Flutter (22)

10- Libertybelle Midfrew (21)

11- Major Crocker 1st em (20)

12- Blazin N Cullen 2nd em (20)



Runner & Comment

  1. Jason Rulz – Only time it saw the rails was in Heat 1 when it got beat less than 10m behind Devendra. Big chance and is 7/17 at the distance.
  2. Major Crocker – 1st emergency for the final gets a gun draw and the Candyman Greg Sugars is driving exceptionally at the moment. Can lead and/or hand up and be very hard to beat.
  3. Franco Ledger – Not at his best this series but did run 3rd in a heat from the fence. Needs cover, but with the right run can figure.
  4. Blazin N Cullen – Ran 2nd from barrier 7 in heat 2 which was its best effort. 2nd emergency for the final – it will be there when the whips are cracking. 5/19 at the distance.
  5. Classic American – Trained and driven by Gary Hall Snr and Jnr – not often they walk away from a carnival without a prize. 2 x 4ths in the heats were Ok and again draws middle of the front row. Each Way.
  6. Crusader Banner – 2nd stringer of the Hall’s – might struggle from the barrier although did run 2 x 4ths in its heats.
  7. Shannonsablast – 2nd grade Sydneysider who is out of its depth in this series although did manage a 3rd and a 4th. Can get home late but thin end of First 4s are best.
  8. Easy On The Eye – Will be foot down to the floor as American Driver Tim Tetrick will try and cross here and if successful hand up to the stable mate. The distance will test.
  9. Mach Beauty – shocking draw for this speedster. Will go forward at all costs but it may be struggling at the end of 2500m
  10. Five Star Anvil – Good draw and the master Gavin Lang will be very patient along the fence late. A good 3rd behind Devendra in the 3rd heat means it’s a definite e/w chance.
  11. Mach Alert (1st em) – disappointing through the heats – can’t win.
  12. Cold Major (2nd em) – not going to happen.

Race Summary

Early speed a huge key here with EASY ON THE EYE and MACH BEAUTY looking to burn over to try and cross MAJOR CROCKER. If this happens the 8 will hand up to the 9 and Panella will get rolling. Either way JASON RULZ looks hard to beat from this draw. Will either be behind the leader or 3 pegs and over the staying trip will have fresh legs if it sees daylight. FOUR STAR ANVIL is worth an each way bet as it will trail the 1 through. I don’t think Mach Beauty can win and at $7.00 it looks under the odds. Major Crocker also looks under the odds at $2.30 – I’ve rated it a $3.00 chance. BLAZIN N CULLEN isn’t without a chance and is probably around the right price.

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair  BACK – WIN: Jason Rulz >$4.00

Back on Betfair  BACK – PLACE: Five Star Anvil >$3.50

Laying on Betfair  LAY – WIN: Major Crocker <$2.50




Runner & Comment

  1. El Comacho – Was 100/1 when 10th in the lead up from gate 7. Can run top four but that is probably best it can hope for.
  2. Kiwi Legend – Better draw tonight – led and handed up at Pinjarra, that could be its go again. Has won 6/13 so is smart and is an e/w chance.
  3. Tricky Styx – Midfield from a bad draw when 2nd to the 5 last time. Won 11/27 so knows how to win but I expect him to finish midfield at best.
  4. Run Oneover – Scored an upset win at Pinjarra beating the 5 four starts ago and has run 2nd at two of its following three starts. Is a progressive horse and is the Hall 2nd stringer. Each Way.
  5. Beaaudiene Boaz – Nominal favourite and looks extremely hard to beat. Won 15/28 and the early tactics will be important here as the 6 has speed to burn.
  6. Menin Gate – Gets back to its preferred Front Row draw after two 2nd row horrors. Is an out and out leader and won Breeders Crown along with the Queensland, Gold Coast and Vic Derbies. Watch for him early to burn across with “the puppet” Chris Alford on.
  7. The Revolution – 100/1 when 8th to the 5 last time from gate 3. Should be a bigger price here.
  8. Cruz Bromac – X factor horse that couldn’t have drawn much worse. Won 4/7 but it’s last two have been only OK. Chance with the right run.
  9. Rycroft – Worst draw it could’ve hoped for – was 100/1 when last to the 5 last time. Should be 500/1 here.
  10. Master Jaxon – Won at Pinjarra in a MUCH easier race last time. Can’t see it running top 4.
  11. Red Hot Major – 5th behind the 5 here last time from an inside draw. Expect midfield to be its absolute best again.
  12. Bettor Reward – Beat the 5 two starts ago at this venue after leading. Will get through the field OK but is a place chance at best.
  13. Rub Of The Green – SCRATCHED

Race Summary

Great race between 2 superstars – BEAUDINE BOAZ and MENIN GATE. The early speed duel is the key here as Menin Gate will be going forward at all costs.  It won every feature last season so it’s hard to doubt him even after midfield efforts in the West at its only two starts (albeit off back row draws.) Going with him to upset the favourite who no doubt deserves top billing but I couldn’t be taking odds on about this horse. He had to sit in the death seat 2 starts ago when 2nd but managed to come with a good run last time to win. KIWI LEGEND is a big place chance as it could find the fence first but it’s under the odds to win. CRUZ BROMAC is the best roughie. It needs luck but it has enormous ability. RUN ONEOVER is the stable mate to the 5 and is a huge chance with the right run. The rest can’t win.

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair  BACK – WIN: Menin Gate >$5.00

Back on Betfair  BACK – WIN: Cruz Bromac >$15.00

Laying on Betfair  LAY – WIN: Beaudiene Boaz <$1.95



Past Winners

2015- Beautide

2014- Beautide

2013- Im Themightyquinn

2012- Im Themightyquinn

2011- Im Themightyquinn


Runner & Comment

  1. Lovers Delight – Led and defeated Lennytheshark in Heat 3 last time after a huge effort the start prior at Bunbury doing it tough when placing 3rd to Lenny.
  2. Waylade – Consistent without winning a heat. Beaten as $1.60 fave in Heat 1. Worth remembering this horse is only 5 and having its 24th start.
  3. Lennytheshark – The nominal favourite – won 4 in a row (2 inters heats) before sitting in the death seat doing it tough when beaten a neck to Lovers Delight. .
  4. Philadelphia Man – Tough pacer who mightn’t have the big sprint of the others. Won 2 heats and a 2nd so deserves to be near equal top billing.
  5. Our Blackbird – Best effort was 2nd to Lenny in heat 1 when it took a trail. Midfield is its very best hope here.
  6. Libertybelle Midfrew – had to win heat 3 to make the final and did! 7th and 8th prior to that – will struggle to win in my opinion.
  7. Avonnova – The warhorse. Has placed twice in its heats – will come out fast to try and take up a forward position. Genuine place chance.
  8. Devendra – The BIG surprise packet of The Inter Dominion. Has James Rattray found another winner? Won two of its heats. the latest with a barnstorming finish coming from last. Has good gate speed but I severely doubt it can win again.
  9. My Hard Copy – Horror draw and has to go back and hope for luck here. Won a heat but it was probably the weakest heat. Not for me.
  10. Flaming Flutter – Definite place chance from the draw. Ran two 3rds before an ordinary 7th last time from a bad gate.
  11. Major Crocker (1st em) – will struggle if it makes the final.
  12. Blazin N Cullen (2nd em) – F4 chance if it makes the final.

Race Summary

Australasia’s greatest race is here again. The value runners are PHILADELPHIA MAN and LOVERS DELIGHT. LOVERS DELIGHT will be looking to hold the front and is flying. Even if the speed burn is on he has the option to hand up and gets the soft run. PHILADELPHIA MAN will have options from gate 4 and will stalk Lenny wherever he goes. LENNYTHESHARK is in fine form but where will he be in the run? I expect him to drift from even money. WAYLADE is an e/w chance from the draw as is FLAMING FLUTTER who will trail LOVERS DELIGHT everywhere.

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair  BACK – Win: Philadelphia Man >$5.00

Back on Betfair  BACK – Win: Lovers Delight >$ 6.00

Back on Betfair  BACK – Place: Flaming Flutter >$3.00

Laying on Betfair  LAY – Win: Lennytheshark <$2.40




Runner & Comment

  1. Milly Perez – A good 3rd when trailing the leader last week. Each way again.
  2. Nike Franco – Led and was dominant at Pinjarra. Luke McCarthy on is a big positive. Won 7/13 at the distance.
  3. Kiralin – 50/1 when 6th to Frith last week. Expect something similar today.
  4. The Parade – Is going OK but I suspect he’s a place chance at best.
  5. Am Opulent – Can’t win.
  6. Ideal Alice – Flew home but couldn’t quite catch Frith after a soft run last time. Knockout.
  7. Whereibylong – Smart Victorian who was wide last time behind Frith. Too one dimensional. No.
  8. Berisari – Won 12/26 – 4th to Frith when she didn’t have too much luck. Right in this.
  9. Frith – Won 35/48 – Champion mare who just keeps winning. Did it tough when in the chair winning a lead up race here last week. 3/3 at track and 14/20 at distance. Top Pick even from the horror draw.
  10. Leda McNally – Only 8th last week to Frith when had every chance. Soft run from inside 2nd row means place at best.
  11. Jungle Jewel – Has been midfield lately in easier class races. Not for me.
  12. Sovereign Faith – 2nd to Nike Franco last time after doing it tough. Will have to again and midfield best here.
  13. Deluxe Edition (1st em) – Can’t win on current form.

Race Summary

FRITH is a champion and deserves favouritism. She just keeps on winning and even from this draw I think she is a good thing. Do I want to take odds on? No. Will she be odds on? I’d doubt it. I’m expecting her to drift here but firm late. NIKE FRANCO could lead early and looks back to her best. A huge chance but too much pressure could bring her unstuck. MILLY PEREZ looks a good place bet with a soft run at anything better than $2.30. BERISARI is one of the other main chances but is under the odds at $5.00. Can’t see any of the others winning.

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair  BACK – Win: Frith >$2.20

Back on Betfair  BACK – Place: Milly Perez >$2.30

Laying on Betfair  LAY – Win: Berisari <$5.00

Laying on Betfair  LAY – Win: Nike Franco <$5.00