The Harness Pro Ratings: Swan Hill, Thursday August 18 2016

Posted: August 18, 2016

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Swan Hill.

Swan Hill Markets R1 – 7

R1 3SH Footy Show 2yo Pace | 2240m 6:32pm

Expect Cheyenne Autumn to be driven aggressively here by Jardine, Donomoor also likes to race handy which will mean Jilliby Glitter will get the nice trail on the rails. Rock The Joint probably won’t want to be caught three or even four pegs so expect Caldow to get off the pegs early and make a move.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
8. Rock The Joint $3.25
6. Sammy Strikes $5.50
3. Donomoor $6.00
1. Jiliby Glitter $7.60
9. Chic Boutique $13.50
2. Cheyenne Autumn $19.00
5. Bulgari Rose $22.00
10. Springfield Shadow $65.00
4. Eyes For You $130.00
7. Shady Lover $65.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Sammy Strikes

R2 3SH Netball Show Pace | 1750m 6:59pm

Farasthe Eyecansee can lead from the wide gate here – looks like a slowish front line inside it. Expect Ideal Eagle to make a move earlier rather than later over the mile here. Bettes Rose may have to do work early from the draw.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
9. Ideal Eagle $1.55
7. Bettes Rose $4.40
6. Farasthe Eyecansee $20.00
8. As I Did $35.00
4. Box Lu Cove $50.00
2. Five Hours $60.00
3. Wandanas Fivestarz $65.00
1. Vinnies Mystery $201.00
5. Shakehimrex $500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Ideal Eagle

R3 Used To Me @ Haras Des Trotteurs Trotters Handicap  (SS)| 2240| 7:30pm

As per usual with a standing start the speed map is a little difficult – Truscott Sun and Lauxmonts Success look the early leaders off the front row mark. Champ Devine is a good SS performer who will surge forward early. Opia and Kimmywho are both off the 30m mark and will have to get into the race at some stage.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
9. Kimmywho $1.82
8. Opia $4.60
6. Jaden Gil $13.50
4. Ten Caisses $20.00
7. Acorn Ace $30.00
1. Truscott Sun $35.00
5. Champ Devine $55.00
5. Miss Romanova $34.00
3. Hanlon Parade $120.00
2. Lauxmonts Success $140.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Kimmywho

R4 GSH Pace | 2240| 8:00pm

Soho Tokyo should find the pegs first giving Bernies Idol a sweet run behind it. Scout Hall Road can come out fast and may have a small dip for the lead but probably to no avail.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
2. Soho Tokyo $1.90
7. Keayang Squizzy $4.50
1. Bernies Idol $121.00
8. Morior Invictus $14.00
6. Lauper $20.00
3. Carramar Chief $60.00
10. Grinning Dollar $60.00
4. Scout Hall Road $65.00
5. Nuggetpan $100.00
9. Whenmechief $100.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Keayang Squizzy

R5 3SH Trent Rose Local News 3yo Pace | 1750m | 8:30pm

With an aggressive driver on – Lightning Colony can get over here and lead. La Safron should get a nice trail behind it giving Markleigh Jill a nice 3 peg line run. Doesn’t look to be a lot of mid race pressure so the leader could get it his own way.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
5. Lighning Colony $2.25
4. Paddy Mach $7.50
10. Scipio $8.00
9. Getoutermyway $10.00
1. La Safron $12.00
6. Glam Rock $21.00
7. Razen Trouble $28.00
8. Markleigh Jill $60.00
3. Maddys Miracle $65.00
2. Tip Toe Charli $200.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Lightning Colony

R6 Mixx FM Pace | 2240m | 9:00pm

Expect Hez Razor Sharp with Caldow to surge forward here from the outside gate. Tarleton Riley is another that may try and lead early with a key driver change. Ruben Hall can get to the pegs first and get a soft run. Dark Side usually doesn’t like to sit back so he could be the death seat horse.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
7. Hez Razor Sharp $1.61
4. Tarleton Riley $4.50
8. Dark Side $12.00
6. Kate Lovemetwotimes $30.00
3. One Night Stand $30.00
1. Roxburgh Way $65.00
2. Ruben Hall $200.00
5. Don’t Tell Jim $200.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Hez Razor Sharp

R7 Trixton @ Stallions Australasia Pace | 1750m | 9:30pm

Enter The Sandman has good early speed and with Jason Lee on board looks the leader giving Speedy Love the trail which is suitable as he is a sit-sprinter. Doesn’t look a lot of pressure here.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
1. Speedy Love $2.60
4. Enter The Sandman $3.40
9. Tell Us We Dream $5.00
2. Miss Tanami $30.00
8. Graceful Art $32.00
5. Deploy $40.00
2. Solar Duchess $26.00
8. Graceful Art $32.00
5. Deploy $40.00
7. Chrissysbungalally $55.00
3. Spacific $100.00
6. Magic Attack $200.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Enter The Sandman

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