The Harness Pro Ratings: Mildura, Thursday September 8 2016

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Mildura.

Mildura Markets R1 – 7

R1 DNR Logistics Pace | 17906:26pm

Vinnies Mystery will attempt to hold them out from the pole here. I expect Simple Solution and Shakehimrex to also show some speed. Pop The Cork doesn’t usually attempt to lead from this kind of draw but at this track anybody’s guess is as good as mine as to what Josh Duggan will do.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner Name Rating
11. Major Rainbow $3.50
7. Manonthemoon $5.20
5. Simple Solution $6.20
6. Pop The Cork $7.40
9. Just Saying $10.50
8. Farasthe Eyecansee $15.00
10. Dreamins Easy $50.00
4. Shakehimrex $75.00
2. Vinnie Mystery $90.00
3. Montana Village $120.00

Betting Stategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (PLACE) Pop The Cork

R2 Coca-Cola Amatil 3yo & Older Pace | 21906:57pm

Bulgari Rose led and won here last time while Springfield Shadow had to sit outside it. Expect Bulgari Rose to lead again however this time SS should get a nice trail behind it. Swift Fantasy can show gate speed but may get stuck in the chair. Racey Blue Chip should get a nice three pegs run.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
2. Bulgari Rose $2.04
1. Springfield Shadow $5.00
5. Swift Fantasy $8.20
6. Markleigh Jill $9.60
4. Life Sign Shadow $17.00
3. Im In Town $120.00
7. Racey Blue Chip $160.00
8. Oztreos Forme $200.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Bulgari Rose

R3 TAB Fixed Odds on Course Pace | 1790| 7:30pm

Missus Applebee has good speed and can lead. Expect a more forward showing from Box Lu Cove tonight not only from the good draw but with the driver change to John Caldow. Shark Alert could be the chair horse here with Five Fours being three pegs.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
5. Shark Alert $2.4
1. Box Lu Cove $4.80
4. Missus Applebee $5.00
9. Cityscape $13.50
8. Boneshaka $17.00
6. Ellehigh $38.00
3. Wicked Isle $60.00
7. Five Fours $65.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (PLACE) Box Lu Cove

R4 SRS Celebrating 40 Years Pace | 2190| 8:00pm

Royal Icing can show good speed when he wants but may elect to hand up to Ricciardo here and get the last crack at him. Did It Alone is a good stayer and will be in the firing line. Expect Zac Phillips to make an early move with Blurred Lines to put him into the race at some stage.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
6. Blurred Lines $2.90
2. Ricciardo $3.75
1. Royal Icing $8.60
4. Speedy Love $120.00
3. Did It Alone $18.00
8. Good Onya $23.00
7. Not Kool Kenny $35.00
9. One Knight Stand $48.00
10. Larwood $48.00
5. Wrinkle Knutt $95.00

Best Profile

Back on Betfair BACK (PLACE) Royal Icing

R5 Mark Gurry & Associates Pace | 1790| 8:30pm

The Dapper Don Is flying, has good gate speed and should lead again. Beat most of this field last time doing just that. Who knows what Boris will do on Ona Rocky Beach, I don’t even think he knows. Gollahman will improve here with a good driver change and Lets Elope will have to be put into the race early.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
3. The Dapper Don $1.91
8. Lets Elope $5.60
5. Gollahman $9.20
7. Uncle Wingnut $14.00
6. Ideal Majority $18.50
4. Ona Rocky Beach $32.00
2. Givsirabone $60.00
1. Corrinya Conman $160.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) The Dapper Don

R6 Ray White Real Estate Pace | 2190| 9:00pm

Youvegotobelieveit can lead from the better draw here from Finedropofred who might get to the pegs before Yarrara Ben who is a slow starter. Lauper might surge forward with John Caldow on board. Whenmechief will end up four pegs now with the scratching of the seven. Flagbearer might try similar tactics to last week when Jardine pulled off the drive of the year to win.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
9. Flagbearer $3.40
3. Youvegotobelieveit $4.40
4. Lauper $5.60
8. Whenmechief $11.00
1. Yarrara Ben $16.00
2. Finedropofred $19.00
10. Altana Blue $32.00
5. Parisian Ruler $48.00
6. Jack Kelly $80.00
11. Lis Mara Shadow $90.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Flagbearer

R7 Ivy Wright Pace | 1790| 9:30pm

Streamliner went back last time from an outside gate in stark contrast to its previous tactics and the tactics are under review as we speak. With Zac Phillips on you can expect him to lead tonight. Taj Bromac usually like to lead too so the pace will be on early.  When the dust settles expect a forward move from Dark Side.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner Name Rating
2. Streamliner $2.64
4. Taj Bromac $3.25
6. Fortitudo $5.80
5. Dark Side $16.50
9. Graceful Art $40.00
1. Artictic Claire $55.00
3. Superstar Xpress $75.00
7. Fineandsunny $270.00
8. Ya Bowen Delight $270.00
10. Angrist $270.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Streamliner

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