The Harness Pro Ratings: Echuca, Thursday September 22 2016

Posted: September 22, 2016

Harness Pro

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Echuca.

Echuca Markets R1 – 8

R1 Ian Lloyd Sound Pace | 17556:00pm

A field of out of form horses with no horse here having run a place in its last three starts. Spacific has the gate speed to lead if driver Damian Wilson wishes, and in a race of this quality there is a good chance he will elect to do that. If that is the case, Life Long Voyage becomes clear top pick, this horse does its best when it can race on the pegs and produce a short sprint. Deploy is the other principle chance, is racing in typical honest fashion and this is the right level for him. House Haunter has come up very short in morning markets and is well worth risking.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
7. Live Long Voyage $2.70
8. Deploy $3.20
11. Frosty Union $12.00
3. House Haunter $19.00
9. Fiddlers Lane $21.00
1. Spacific $24.00
2. Mister Willoughby $36.00
4. This Is Your Life $40.00
5. Clicquot $50.00
6. Royal Canvas $50.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY – House Hunter

R2 Echuca Harness Club Ladies Cimmittee Trotters Hcp | 2130m 6:25pm

Early battle from the stand start all important here for the trotters around this tight track. Aldebaran Midnite is not the best horse in the race but is generally well away from the stand, and might be able to find the all-important lead. Will be right in the finish from there. Spud was ordinary last week after doing some work, with a better trip can be successful here. Plumbers Pettycash has the most ability, and has been trotting better than ever of late, but around this small track must be treated with caution. Plenty of others with some chance, headed by Lenient.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
5. Aldebaran Midnite $4.20
7. Spud $4.80
4. Plumbers Pettycash $5.00
6. Lenient $10.00
3. Flight Rainbow $15.00
10. Kains Boy $16.00
9. Tella Tall Tale $18.00
11. Michaels Mename $26.00
2. Truscott Sun $40.00
8. Miss Cosmos $400.00
1. Hettivale $500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (E/W) Spud

R3 Laser Electrical Echuca Moama Place | 2160m | 6:57pm

This looks primarily a two horse race with likely leader Kamwood Johnny, first up in the new stable for Greg Albert, taking on the higher class trotter Rostevarren. Kamwood Johnny has not raced for 20 months, but his two recent trials have indicated he is going well enough to be hard to beat in front here, and he is the better odds of the pair in morning markets. I have a slight leaning to the trotter Rostevarren who is many grades above these, although it is hard for a trotter to beat the pacers. Best of the rest Glam Rock simply due to the cosy draw.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
9. Rostevarren $2.20
1. Kamwood Johnny $2.50
7. Glam Rock $17.00
10. Milli Cam $22.00
2. The Righteous One $50.00
3. Had To Be Country $200.00
4. Junglejim $20.00
5. Interuptus $200.00
6. Smiling Artist $400.00
8. House Of Courage $500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (E/W) Kamwood Johnny

R4 1521 2QN/Edge 102.5 FM Radio Pace | 1750m | 7:31pm

Very little natural gate speed drawn off the front row here makes things tricky. Trawl Ling is only a veteran of three starts as a 6YO but his last run was better than these, battling on well in a much stronger race. Faces a harder draw this time but a repeat effort would see him hard to beat. Getoutermyway had 12 months off prior to this preparation and his two runs have been below what we saw as a 2YO. This is a slight class drop and if he can use his draw gets his chance. Tiza Nightmare again ran well without luck last week, faces a tricky draw.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner Name Rating
8. Trawl Ling $2.90
4. Getoutermyway $4.10
5. Tiza Nightmare $5.60
3. Crafty Old Fox $11.00
1. Deedees Brandie $13.00
7. High Joltage $26.00
6. Thebrickfielder $50.00
2. Whitbys Miss Mia $150.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Trawl Ling

R5 Niota Bloodstock Pace | 1755| 8:01pm

Plenty of gate speed in the middle of the line here, with Destiny Warrior and Tally Operator being fast out. Expecting Destiny Warrior can hold the lead. An incredibly even race, luck in running will be key, as well as how hard the two speed horses are required to burn early. With Gusto comes up top pick having raced well recently against stronger quality, but does need some luck from a tricky gate. Art Prevails is one paced but racing well and draws to map nicely, Tally Operator is racing in great heart but may need to death seat. Party Rocka ran an excellent race last time against metro type claimers but will likely have to come from last. Im Intense is the best horse in the race but draws to get buried and needs plenty of luck.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner Name Rating
5. With Gusto $4.80
2. Art Prevails $6.60
4. Tally Operator $6.60
6. Party Rocka $8.60
7. Im Intense $9.00
1. Forever Perfect $12.00
10. Giant Steps $18.00
9. Drayton $34.00
8. Illawong Lively $100.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) With Gusto

R6 Harold Ogden Memorial Pace | 2160m | 8:31pm

Early speed here from the inside pair who should hold the rest wide initially. Whether Ymbro Toto holds out Kankkunen early is the key to the race, I am banking on this being the case. Under this scenario, Times A Bonus receives the perfect trip on the leaders back and will be extremely hard to beat with his short sprint. The class runner is Gotta Go Henry who can sprint past these with the right cart up. Next best is Fire Up Franco who has trialled nicely for his return.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
7. Times A Bonus $2.50
8. Gotta Go Henry $2.80
4. Fire Up Franco $8.60
5. Modern Bliss $17.00
1. Ymbro Toto $40.00
6. Cardon Merger $50.00
3. Hosier Lane $100.00
9. United Legacy $100.00
2. Kankkunen $300.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Times A Bonus

R7 Alabar Pace 2nd Heat | 2160| 9:01pm

Realy Under Fire generally blasts off the arm and is likely to cross, however does like to take a sit over this sort of trip. Captain Snoozzze is best suited when he can be saved for one run, which makes him hard to position at times, but is well suited to this level. Realy Under Fire, although better suited at the mile, is right in this assuming he gets over at the start. Chances also to the inexperienced but promising Always Grinning, Bettes Rose, and Onthestraitenarrow.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
3. Captain Snoozzze $3.10
6. Realy Under Fire $3.90
2. Always Grinning $9.00
8. Onthestraitenarrow $9.00
7. Bettes Rose $9.40
9. Tarleton Riley $18.00
4. Grinlikeastar $60.00
10. Dallas Nikolay $80.00
1. Surf On By $200.00
11. Hinchinbrook $500.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Bettes Rose

R8 Elmore Field Day 5 October Trots @ Echuca Pace | 1755| 9:31pm

A sprint trip race where the better horses are drawn the back row, making it a tricky race. Chasing A Win was driven back last start after a change of tactics was announced, but does have the gate speed to lead here and look for a reversal of that change of tactics. Mister Bellisimo and Illawong Fantasia are both honest and look well placed here despite having poor draws. The one who gets the best run into the race might be the winner. Flash Anatomy is going well for a race of this nature but faces a very tricky draw.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
9. Mister Bellisimo $3.20
10. Illawong Fantasia $3.20
7. Flash Anatomy $6.00
3. Chasing A Win $14.00
1. Miss Tanami $16.00
4. Jeremes Bonus $40.00
6. Gallery Girl $40.00
8. Maise Reign $80.00
2. Clarius $100.00
5. Major Change $100.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (E/W) Illawong Fantasia

R9 Echuca New Years Night Trots Pace | 1755| 10:01pm

A field of maidens to end a tough night at the office. Ima Dad has paced roughly on a few occasions in his five start career but has appeared smoother in his last two runs, and showed a turn of speed two starts back that would make him highly competitive here. He just needs to stay in touch at the right time as he may drift a long way back. Floods Road was beaten a long way into second last week but ran ok and this is suitable. Princess Of Troy gets a good draw and should either be in front or leaders back and will be competitive from there.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner Name Rating
7. Ima Dad $3.30
5. Floods Road $3.50
1. Princess Of Troy $4.40
6. Sebastiens Lad $13.00
3. Yodellin Cowgirl $15.00
8. Tarleton Joe $50.00
6. Gallery Girl $40.00
8. Maise Reign $80.00
4. Solo Machbeth $80.00
2. Shadow Operative $150.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (E/W) Ima Dad

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