The Harness Pro Ratings: Bendigo, Thursday August 11 2016

Posted: August 11, 2016

Harness Pro

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Bendigo.

Bendigo Markets R1 – 8

R1 Aldebaran Park Trot | 16506:30pm

Sun Valley road will come out running here – Shared Interest the other main chance is drawn inside so it will be interesting to see if Nathan Jack opts to hold him out or take a trail. This could well decide the outcome of the race. Riegle Deception is the other that will come out of the gate to take a forward position.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
2. Shared Interest $2.10
3. Sun Valley Road $2.48
11. Wah Keen $35.00
9. Sonetto $46.00
7. Jordanzjulez $60.00
10. Est Est Est $60.00
4. Lilymaystorm $110.00
5. Riegle Deception $140.00
8. Nail It $140.00
1. Don Antonio $500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Sun Valley Road

R2 Evolve Accounting 3yo Vicbred Trot | 1650| 7:00pm

A lack of known leaders on the front row here but Crown Dream should press forward with Chris Alford on board. Daquiri is another who may push forward here.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner Name Rating
5. Crown Dream $2.12
10. Enrolled $4.80
7. Daquiri $7.40
2. Four No Trumps $10.50
9. Greg The Great $17.50
1. Sweetasis $130.00
6. Pirates Of Venice $300.00
8. Tension Seeker $500.00
4. Black Sahara $500.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Crown Dream

R3 Staffordshire Park 3yo Vicbred Trot | 1650| 7:30pm

The Shaw Thing has drawn well and will look for a good position as will Flash Angus who led last time from gate three. Trumps Golden Boy has shown speed in the past but from this gate will more than likely look to slot in.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
10. Imahe Man $2.94
2. The Shaw Thing $3.40
3. Flash Angus $5.20
5. Whistlejacket $14.00
7. Motown Muscle $17.00
1. Polygrapgh $55.00
4. Captain Sensation $75.00
8. Scottish Sardius $290.00
6. Trumps Golden Boy $500.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) The Shaw Thing

R4 Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown Series 18 (3yo Fillies) (H7) | 21500m | 8:00pm

No surprises here with the smart Rocknroll Angel pushing forward here. Greg Sugars on Rockabella Starz will no doubt land a lovely trail while Just Rockon Bye led at its only starts at Globe Derby but this is up in class big time. Jovial Journo Lombo gets the map she likes – three pegs.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
6. Rocknroll Magic $1.14
1. Rockabella Starz $29.00
7. Cherish The Moment $29.00
9. Dancingwithsierra $35.00
10. Ideal Eagle $80.00
5. Just Rockon Bye $190.00
2. Our Skinny Maree $500.00
3. Lady Perserverance $500.00
4. My Sophisticated Lady $500.00
8. Jovial Journo Lombo $500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (PLACE) Dancingwithsierra

R5 Hygain Pace | 1650| 8:30pm

A bit of early speed here – Dynamite Dingo likes to lead but is up in class and should trail, With Gusto led in a similar race two starts ago and only went down by 1.4m so you would think Alex Ashwood will push forward again. Bella Sainz and Morior Invictus both like to race on the pace but have drawn wide.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
2. Repeat After Me $2.22
9. Fundamentalist $3.10
7. Morior Invictus $20.00
5. Seven Ounce $20.00
6. Bella Sainz $24.00
8. Regal Ambition $26.00
3. With Gusto $32.00
1. Dynamite Dingo $260.00
11. Graceful Art $500.00
4. Barnbougle Jack $500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Repeat After Me

R6 Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown Series 18 (3yo Fillies) (H8)| 2150m | 9:00pm

Very interesting speed map here – Whirily School, Gina Grace, Rockstar Angel all have early speed and it may be a race to see who gets to the pegs first to get the lovely trail. Heavens Trend will be the favourite but Gavin Lang has shown in the past he’s happy to sit in the death seat with this smart filly. Champagne Taste also likes to lead but up in class here and with a bad draw you can expect her to go back.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
4. Heavens Trend $1.60
3. Rockstar Angel $5.20
1. Whirily School $11.00
5. Nikkibadwagon $21.00
2. Gina Grace $27.00
10. All In Your Hands $500.00
6. Plain Baby $500.00
7. Champagne Taste $500.00
8. Ilikemillie $500.00
9. Artoripace $500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (PLACE) Nikkibadwagon

R7 Northern Rivers Equine Pace | 2150m | 9:30pm

Not a lot of early speed on this front row – it may come from the outside division here with Miss Condoleeza taking advantage of slower horses inside. Indulgent may also have a crack from out wide. Brian Gath on the nominal favourite Hero Bromac probably won’t wait too long – he likes to race on the pace.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
9. Hero Bromac $1.99
11. Takachanceonharry $6.30
3. Our Miss Vivienne $7.00
2. Clarius $22.00
8. Maken Art Magic $35.00
10. Ariosa $35.00
7. Indulgent $85.00
12. Tell Us We Dream $350.00
4. Tango Terrific $500.00
5. Irish Crest $500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Hero Bromac

R8 Smartline Personal Mortgage Pace | 1650m | 10:00pm

Allys Comet and Gunbalunya should battle early supremacy here before possible pressure from either Nathan Jack on Whaitiri or John Caldow on Hez Razor Sharp.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner Name Rating
8. Our Star Dust $1.94
7. Hez Razor Sharp $3.40
5. Kaanapali $9.60
6. Whaitiri $24.00
3. Gunbalunya $95.00
4. Atomic War Lord $95.00
9. Jaylets Hunta $120.00
1. Allys Comet $120.00
2. Liams Lass $500.00

Betting Strategy 

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Our Star Dust

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