French Open Tennis Prediction Model: The Data Scientists


French Open Tennis Predictive Model

After hitting an 8% ROI with a strike rate of 65% across Back & Trade selections during the Australian Open, The Data Scientists Team will be running their Tennis Predictive Model across the 2016 French Open.

Every evening before play, the team’s predictions will be uploaded to The Hub identifying value Back & Trading opportunities.

Taking a purely statistical approach, this model uses proven statistical methods to determine the probability of an event occurring. Variables that are not considered in the calculations includes factors such as Injuries and Weather.


French Open 22 May – 5 June 2016

Often described as one of the toughest tennis tournaments, The French Open (Roland Garros), is one of the four annual Grand Slam tennis competitions. The only clay Grand Slam event is held between late May and early June in Paris.

The Tennis predictor will be analysing every day of play and identifying key value selections and trade opportunities across men’s singles and selected women’s singles.

French Open Predictions

Aus Open Performance

Total Winners Strike Rate
Trade Selections 24 18 75%
Back Selections 54 33 61%

Tennis Education & Predictions 

Tennis enthusiast are spoilt with ATP & WTA tournaments 48 weeks of the year. Professional punter Jack Houghton takes Betfair punters through the golden rules of tennis wagering including how to identify value bets through qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Identifiy Value on Tennis: Qualitiative & Quantiative Data

The Data Scientist Team doesn’t just focus on Tennis. Their thoroughbred racing & AFL predictions can be found on The Hub every week. All French Open Predictions can be found on The Hub from Sunday evening 22nd May.

Data Scientist Predictions