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The old rivalry moves to the 50-over format starting on January 14. The Analysts will provide a preview for every game of the five-match series.

Game 5 – Australia v England ODI

Game 4 – Australia v England ODI

Game 3 – Australia v England ODI

Game 2 – Australia v England ODI

Game 1 – Australia v England ODI

“The chances of two consecutive draws seem unlikely, however if we are greeted by another flat surface or inclement weather in Sydney – both of which are a definite possibility – then it’s not out of the question that the draw trades low again.”

The Analysts Fifth Test Preview

The Analysts Fourth Test Preview

The Analysts Third Test Preview

The Analysts Second Test Preview

The Analysts First Test Preview

Edu Article Cricket Trading Basics

“The concept of trading isn’t overly different from the idea of betting. Don’t let anyone tell you that a ‘trader’ isn’t betting. The only difference between a trader and a bettor is that a trader is making a bet for a specific period of time.”

Edu Article Pro Trader Setup

“It’s possible to make a profit trading cricket using just the Betfair interface and your own knowledge. But it’s not advisable. There are some vital tools that I use to make the job of finding crucial information quicker and easier.”

Edu Article Value in Top Batsmen and Bowler Markets

“The most important factor in picking a top-bat is the proportion of times they tend to top-score, rather than their average or how many runs they will score in the long-term.”

Edu Article Test Match Strategies

“The best strategy I’ve ever heard on test match trading was to be patient. It’s so easy to get involved in the first session of day 1, but understanding that there are over 24 hours of cricket to be played in a test match is extremely important.”

Edu Article Finding Value in Less Popular Side Markets

“While the match odds will always be the most actively traded and most liquid market in cricket matches, there are still plenty of opportunities within the less popular side markets…”

Edu Article Matt Barker’s Betting Strategy

“You have no allegiance. In-fact one of the keys is to take advantage of the parochialism of others through distorted odds.’’”

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