Champion Bets Ratings: Wyong Cup Day Card, Friday September 2 2016

Race comments and ratings across the entire card at Wyong.

Wyong Markets R1 – 8

Champion Bets Wyong Full Card Analysis

R1 Wyong | 1200m | 12:50pm

Race Summary

4 leads from with INVINCIBLE LIGHT and MASIPAG sitting next. LOVE LAS VEGAS was wide 1st up in solid race and had trialled ok but wet a worry. SOPHIA’S CHARM ran on OK 1st up bu this harder. VERNIER did little 1st up but recent trial better. BRITTANY running on fair and gets a soft run. IRITHEA trialing OK but draw tricky. MASIPAG went OK last prep but recent trial only fair and PIRAPALA is running on well both trials Wet the query.


R2 Wyong | 1200m | 1:25pm

Race Summary

2 likely leads with BUON NATALE probably following it across with SIR MAGIC and EXIT ONLY sitting close. BUON NATALE racing consistently and likes wet. RAVENWITCH was poor first up on wet. SIR MAGIC went ok winning a weak race first up and wet sshould be OK. A GOOD YANK is running on OK but wet a worry. ECHO EFFECT won a couple of weaker races but wet OK and EXIT ONLY running on OK in country races and wet OK

R3 Wyong | 1200m | 2:05pm

Race Summary

Pace OK with ALU ALU, CALL THE COPPERS, EBENOS and UBATUBA all having good speed. CALL THE COPPERS racing OK on pace but 1200 a worry. GLITRA is running on OK, gets a soft run and handles wet. EBENOS racing OK instronger but up to 1200 a worry. GHOSTLY running on OK in trials and looks suited by map. MANDOLIZE ran on fair first up but maps well. PITTSBURGH back in grade but needs to improve. REACH FOR HEAVEN given a quiet time in recent trial and UBATUBA has speed but bit weak

R4 Wyong | 1300m | 2:40pm

Race Summary

2, UTHRED and DIDACHE all have good speed with CALABASAS sitting close. COURTLY running on OK. Suited by pace on and wet. HELENSBURGH HAM racing well on pace and likes wet. NICK ON THE RUN running on OK and suited up in dist. 4 ran on OK first up and maps well. UTHRED failed last start and would prefer back in dist and on dry.

R5 Wyong | 1100m | 3:20pm

Race Summary

Pace OK with SALERNO and MARSCAY FORCE going fwd and ZOUTENANT and NO BAD BLOOD looking to be positive from wide draws. ROYAL TUDOR was racing ok last prep but better over longer and draw poor. ZOUTENANT been out of form but could improve with blinkers on. NO BAD BLOOD racing OK but map tricky. LOVERBOY CHARLIE running on well and suited if pace on. ULTIMATE DREAMER has OK country form but map poor. ALASKAN WOLF was wide last start and gets a better run here. MOMENT OF MUSIC went OK first up in stronger race and maps well. YEATMAN improved last start and OK wet. PETROSSIAN running on OK but heavy a worry. MARSCAY FORCE had favours last couple but gets them again and SKRIPCHENKO lacks speed but can run on OK.

R6 Wyong | 1350m | 3:55pm

Race Summary

4 and SWING SENSATION go forward with FRILL SEEKING, PINCHME and maybe CAPTURED sitting next. ELLE LOU looks hard to beat. Sprinting home very quickly and handles wet OK. FRILL SEEKING is consistent and gets a good run. TYPHOON JOLIE disappointed this prep but can improve. TEARS IN HEAVEN can run home well and wet OK and LA MUSE lacks speed but can run on.

R7 Wyong | 2100m | 4:35pm

Race Summary

champ bets canterbury r7 3108 excel

10 controls with ORBEC, OLYMPIC ACADEMY, GET ON THE GRANGE getting good runs next. ORBEC hung on fair 1st up but prob needs another run. SACRED MASTER been given quiet rides both runs and a chance if ridden more positively. LOOPHOLE failed last start but previous OK. ALEGRIA ran on OK first up, suited up in distance and on wet, but second up still a worry. SONG AND LAUGHTER running on OK and loves wet but 2100 the worry. OLYMPIC ACADEMY racing consitently and maps well and GET ON THE GRANGE racing OK and also maps well and likes wet

R8 Wyong | 1600m | 5:10pm

Race Summary

4 leads from BALBOA PARK (NZ) with the rest prefering to ease. BALBOA PARK (NZ) went too fast in front last start and gets a better run here. SMARTY PANTS was wide first up and stuck on OK. EVA LUNA won well in weaker grade and wet a query. MAI TAI LADY suited here third up with a favourable map and loves wet. PINOT GRIS running on OK and handles wet. THE IRON MAIDEN running on well and loves wet too. LITTLE MISS BROWN running on fair but maps well. BANDIT BAY runs on OK but not best on heavy and BARNEY RUBBLE is improving and likes wet

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