Champion Bets NZ Selections: Riverton, April 9

Posted: April 9, 2016




R6 Ascot Park Hotel Jump | 2600M

2. La Nouvelle Vague: Dominant here last start in what was probably a stronger race. Local who has some upside and probably just needs a similar performance to win again.

Betting Strategy 

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) La Nouvelle Vague for 1.8 units win, min price $2.75


R8 NZB Insurance | 1200M

2. Let’s Escape: Super run here two back up in grade then excellent again last start running time up the slower part of the track.  Something similar for the course specialist would go very close.

Betting Strategy 

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Let’s Escape for 1.8 units win, min price $2.75


R10 Elmwood Catering | 1600M

1. Shakti: Not far away up in grade here last start running time will go close on that.

6. Clareville Flight: Ran some excellent sectionals when winning here last start a repeat performance will probably be a winning one.

Betting Strategy 

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Shakti for 1.25 units win, min price $4.00

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Clareville Flight for 1.25 units win, min price $4.00