Betfair Insights: Big Bash 2014/15 Season

Big Bash Strikers

Betfair Statistics: Big Bash 2014/15 Season

With the fifth season of Australia’s premier Twenty20 Cricket competition on the horizon we look back over the 2014/15 seasons results on the world’s largest betting Exchange.

The Perth Scorchers finished second on the table and then went on to win back-to-back Big Finals earlier this year. As well as previous years, the 14/15 season was full of big hits, big wickets and outstanding comebacks throughout the short period.

Digging into the data, we have found some interesting insights to help Betfair punters become better informed on BBL markets. Get the facts and figures and Bet Smart during the 2015/16 season.

BBL Team Insights

Melbourne Stars had the lowest pre-play WAP (weighted average price) in the competition.

  • Finished third on the table
  • Won 5 & lost 3
  • WAP (Pre-Match) $1.72

Adelaide Strikers & Perth Scorchers were the value teams during the season.

  • Adelaide finished top of the table. Won 6 & lost 1
  • WAP (Pre-Match) $2.01
  • Perth finished second on the table. Won 5 & lost 3
  • WAP (Pre-Match) $2.10

Take a look on the graph below on how all teams performed against their pre-match WAP.

WAP & Season Pts BBL 2014/15

Most traded pre-match teams – Melbourne Stars & Sydney Sixers

Most traded in-play teams – Adelaide Strikers & Perth Scorchers

Most traded teams (regular season) – Adelaide Strikers & Sydney Sixers


Getting the Best Price 

The high prices available on the Exchange can make a considerable difference to your bottom line profit. Making sure you get the best price is important across a range of sports and this was particularly prevalent in the 2014/15 Big Bash season.

Take a look at the pre-match highs and lows below to see what difference getting the best price can have on something simple such as a $10 Back wager.


This graph also shows the benefits of setting markets and Laying a team early under the best market price. Backing a team at the best price is important, but don’t forget that by posting an early price you can Lay a side under the odds.


Where was the Value?

There was some inefficiency within the 2014/15 season markets.

  • Betfair SP outsiders had a higher win rate than the favourites.
  • Teams priced between $2.50 – $2.74 SP had the highest win rate when compared to other increments.
  • Teams priced between $1.50 – $1.74 SP recorded the lowest win rate – only 6 favourites winning out of these 15 games.

Win Analysis Big Bash League

Pre-Play & In-Play Money

Money Pre-Play

  • Melbourne Stars were the most traded team pre-play followed closely by the Sydney Sixers.
  • Little money for Brisbane pre-match – smallest amount traded pre-game of all teams.

Big In-Play Volumes

  • The majority of the volume traded last season was done so in-play – 96% of the total volume.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible in-play stories during the 2014/15 season.

Perth Scorchers v Adelaide Strikers – 22 December 2014

Perth were matched at $21.00 in-play before rocketing into $1.21.

Match Summary

  • Adelaide started pre-match WAP $1.71 – backed as high as $2.50.
  • Perth started pre-match WAP $2.41 – backed as high as $2.48.
  • Perth batted first finishing for 7/146. Their price slowly drifted throughout their innings.
  • Adelaide then took to the bat.
  • 11th Over – 3/92 after a strong start needing 55 runs off 48 balls.
  • 12th Over – Jason Behrendorff claims two wickets leaving Adelaide 5/96
  • 20th Over – Richardson run-out leaving Adelaide 9/139 requiring 8 of 5 balls.
  • 20th Over – Zampa hits the winning runs with one ball to spare.

Take a look at the in-play graph from this game and other interesting in-play games throughout the season.

Perth v Adelaide In-Play
Perth v Sydney In-Play
Stars v Renegades In-Play

2015/16 Big Bash Analysis

The Cricket Trader will be previewing every game throughout the Big Bash 2015/16 season. He’s experienced in researching, pricing and trading all facets of cricket across the globe. Stay tuned to The Hub for his analysis – The Cricket Trader.