Betfair Insights: Australian Open Tennis 2015

Betfair Statistics: Australian Open 2015

The men’s and women’s singles events were by far the most traded throughout the tournament trading 99% of the tournament money. Looking directly into the singles, the men’s tournament held 60% of the total money traded across all tournament markets.

Digging into the data, we have collated some insights from the 2015 Australian Open to assist Betfair punters become better informed heading into the 2016 tournament.

Player Insights

Both Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic traded low throughout the tournament with an average pre-match weighted average price (WAP) of $1.48 and $1.14 respectively.

Djokovic traded higher at times in-play averaging an in-play WAP of $1.23. He only exceeded his pre-play WAP on two occasions in the 2015 tournament:

Semi Final – vs Wawrinka hit $1.95 in-play

Final – vs Murray hit $2.66 in-play

Women’s champion Serena Williams accounted for 46% of the total volume traded for the top ten women’s seeds. Serena’s maximum price matched was $1.52 pre-play throughout the entire tournament. She offered some value in-play hitting maximum prices of $1.88 and $2.22 in two matches.

Men’s Price Brackets

Short priced men’s singles performed exceptionally well winning 51 of a total 52 matches.

Players priced between $1.76 – 2.00 recorded a win rate of 65% which outperformed players in the bracket below of $1.51 – 1.75 which recorded a win rate of only 57%.

Women’s Price Brackets

Short priced women’s singles had a win rate of 88% which was significantly lower than the men’s of 98%.

Getting the Best Price

The Exchange’s volatile markets can provide opportunities to get on at better prices then what may currently be on offer. Similar to what we saw in our Big Bash Insights article, getting the best price possible is important as it can make a considerable difference to your bottom line profit.

Take a look at the pre-match highs and lows below to see what difference getting the best price had on something as simple as a $10 back wager on last year’s finalists throughout the tournament.

In-Play Money

Tennis matches can provide Betfair punters with optimum trading circumstances as prices fluctuate in-play. Across the entire tournament in 2015, 89% of money traded was done so in-play. As players have highs and lows in performance throughout sets and games the market can dynamically fluctuate providing Betfair punters with the ideal avenue to trade on their position or simply Back and Lay at odds not available pre-play.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most interesting in-play matches from the 2015 tournament in the in-play price graphs below.

Data Scientists Predictions

The Data Scientists have built a predictive model for the 2016 Australia Open. This Tennis Predictor is a purely mathematical focused prediction service for Betfair customers providing daily recommended selections throughout the tournament. Stay tuned to The Hub for the daily predictions.