The Betfair Insider Harness Ratings: Melton, September 29 2016

Posted: September 29, 2016

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Melton.

Melton Markets R1 – 8

R1 DNR Logistics Pace | 17206:06pm

Very good gate speed here from Bazzas Art who should be able to cross early. That horse normally hands the lead up so the race for the first there is important. Although often going best driven patiently, it is likely Bad Boy Brad will attempt to take advantage of that and hunt for the lead. He is going well and is the one to beat from that position. Bazzas Art is not the best horse but can be competitive from the trail, while Abitgoingonhere loves the sprint trip. The other chance is Game We Play with Chris Alford back on.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
2. Bad Boy Brad $2.50
3. Bazzas Art $5.20
9. Abitgoingonhere $5.20
10. Game We Play $8.00
7. Hoo Nien $36.00
1. Im Lonely $50.00
8. Bernie Winkle $50.00
4. Chirpy Chuckles $100.00
5. Anvil Gav $400.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Bad Boy Brad

R2 Vermont Panels Claiming Pace | 17206:32pm

The Family Guy has been showing plenty of early toe since moving to this stable and is likely to find the lead. Yeah Right is a sit sprinter who is likely to be too fast for these with the right trip. The other major chance is Indi Bapu, who although drawing the back row, could benefit from potential early speed. Some chance to Mister Hairy Maclary, who is going fairly, The Family Guy, and Electric Ollie, who looks likely to do some work and is under the odds.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
6. Yeah Right $3.00
8. Indi Bapu $3.40
9. Mister Hairy Maclary $9.20
4. The Family Guy $10.00
5. Electirc Ollie $10.00
1. Washies Chance $40.00
3. Hezfullarunning $50.00
7. Jeans Mattjesty $50.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Electric Ollie

R3 Andy & Kate Gath Racing Pace Final | 2240| 7:00pm

Realy Under Fire is blessed with significant gate speed and should be able to cross the pole runner. Over this middle distance that horse will certainly be looking for a sit and Mighty Mara will be the first there to take the lead, which makes Mighty Mara clear top pick. Captain Snoozzze can produce a big sprint when saved for it and can be the sniper late. Realy Under Fire is next best due to the likelihood of receiving the right run, but is definitely better off over a mile.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
3. Mighty Mara $2.20
11. Captain Snoozzze $4.40
2. Realy Under Fire $9.40
4. Tarleton Riley $16.00
5. Onthestraitanarrow $16.00
1. Looksmachnificent $21.00
7. Major Cruiser $100.00
8. Dallas Nikolay $100.00
10. Grinlikeastar $100.00
6. Missurqhart $400.00
9. Australian Bite $500.00
13. Hinchinbrook $500.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Looksmachnificent

R4 Haras Des Trotteurs | 2240| 7:30pm

The early leader is likely to be Dora Pepperell who should hold the lead. Conon Bridge is the class act and even from the tricky draw, driver Anthony Butt should ease straight away from the inside early and is likely to be too good. My Account is a nice horse on the up and could present some danger if able to access the sprint lane. Kyvalley Boomerang was good last start, but would need plenty to go right the draw.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
8. Conon Bridge $1.50
1. My Account $14.00
7. Kyvalley Boomerang $15.00
2. Gus An Maori $21.00
4. Desert Flyer $21.00
10. Death Defying $34.00
3. The Third Son $40.00
9. Belts $40.00
5. Dora Pepperell $50.00
6. Alabamas Invasion $400.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Kyvalley Boomerang

R5 My Lightning Blue Free For All | 1720| 8:00pm

The two early speedsters here are Stunning Grin and Mister Mundaka. Mister Mundaka nearly got the full length clear of Stunning Grin last week and is likely to again to try to get to the lead. Ohoka Punter is a proven Grand Circuit star and with even luck will be too good, however Mister Mundaka can lead over the sprint trip we have a real race. Very small chances to Stunning Grin, Flaming Flutter and Five Star Anvil.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner Name Rating
6. Ohoka Punter $1.75
3. Mister Mundaka $3.80
5. Five Star Anvil $17.00
4. Flaming Flutter $20.00
2. Stunning Grin $21.00
7. Cold Major $200.00
1. Beach Boy Adios $500.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (PLACE) Stunning Grin

R6 Pace| 2240| 8:30pm

Im Barney Rubble will hold the lead here, which will provide Mister Wickham with the perfect trip. If he gets to the sprint lane with momentum he should be winning. The only serious danger is Desdon Murruffy who was unsuited by coming from the back in very fast closing splits first up. Driven more aggressively he is a danger. They are the only two serious chances.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
8. Mister Wickham $1.40
11. Desdon Murruffy $5.60
1. Im Barney Rubble $34.00
9. Composed $50.00
10. Shakti Bromac $50.00
2. Im Alex $80.00
3. Washmepockets $100.00
5. Gotta Go Henry $150.00
4. Skippy Rascal $200.00
7. Toulouse Lautrec $200.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Mister Wickham

R7 Alabar Pace | 1720m | 9:00pm

Hu Hu R U should have no trouble holding the lead and is clearly the top pick here. Mistressofillusion was a good winner first up and is extremely talented, the problem is she gives away a significant barrier draw advantage here. Felicity Funkhousa is drawn to get the gun trip and will not be far away.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
1. Hu Hu R U $1.40
11. Mistressofillusion $8.60
8. Felicity Funkhousa $10.00
10. Liv Lavish $26.00
4. Nicky Maguire $100.00
9. Blitzsuzy $100.00
2. Courtney John $300.00
6. Kira Jo $300.00
7. Carmens Spirit $400.00
3. Glenferrie Breeze $500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Hu Hu R U

R8 Alderan Park Trotter Handicap | 2240| 9:30pm

Maorisfavouritesun has been awesome for the new stable and barring an error should be way too good. Illcryifhewinds is racing well and draws to get a lovely trip. Soho Ledger could be the leader and is a leading place chance.

Race Confidence: High

Runner Name Rating
9. Maorisfavouritesun $1.30
1. Illcryifhewinds $21.00
2. Soho Ledger $24.00
4. Glorious Finale $30.00
8. Frances Annie $40.00
11. Heza Boy Star $40.00
13. Earl of Charity $40.00
7. Jeter $50.00
3. Its Not Dark Yet $200.00
10. Desert Spur $200.00
12. Rejuvenation $200.00
6. Law Legend $500.00

Betting Strategy

BACK (WIN) Maorisfavouritesun

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