The Betfair Insider Harness Ratings: Kilmore, Thursday 8th December 2016

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Kilmore.

Kilmore Markets R1 – 7

R1 Carlton & United Breweries Trot | 21806:32pm

Anything could happen early here with Caldow, Antolos and Sugars drawn the front row. No doubt the best horse here is No Trumps No Glory although it’s a hard horse to back as Eddie Conroy can’t urge it to much as it will gallop.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner NameRatings
10. No Trumps No Glory$2.44
3. Aussie Beach Blond$5.00
4. Lively Laughter$5.40
1. Rumspringer$16.50
8. Walter Creed$16.50
2. Rebel Starlight$40.00
5. Hakuna Sunset$40.00
6. Well Deserved$7,500
7. Starlight Storm$120.00
9. Tobylin$270.00

Betting Strategy 

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Lively Laughter

R2 Jet Roofing 2YO Pace | 1690| 7:00pm

Impossible to map properly with them all being first starters. Watch for any betting moves.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner NameRatings
3. Our Marscapony$2.94
8. Imprincessgemma$4.40
4. Wanted Lady$5.20
6. Jagged Shadow$15.50
7. Saucy Dreams$15.50
5. Speedstar Queen$20.00
2. Walking Eagle$30.00
1. Diamond Conflict$50

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Our Marscapony

R3 Aldebaran Park Trot (Second Heat) | 2080| 7:30pm

One of the worst quality races I’ve seen in a long time. Silent Growl with John Caldow on board will head forward and gets the nod purely by default here. Tejays Candyman is in the market due to it having won twice.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner NameRatings
6. Silent Growl$2.70
4. Tejays Candyman$5.80
8. Life Sentence$7.20
1. Our Fabiolla$9.00
2. Lady Sansa$9.00
3. It's The Emblem$23.00
5. This Is Your Life$36.00
7. Surf On By$75

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (PLACE) Lady Sansa

R4 Pace | 1609| 8:03pm

This race all centres around Nor Nor West who is the best horse here but hasn’t raced for a year and a half. Has trialled well but you probably have to take it on after such a lay off, especially if its short. Hollys Miss Molly is a good sit sprinter so is drawn well. Bazzas Art is the other class horse but better drawn off a front row.

Race Confidence: High

Runner NameRatings
1. Hollys Miss Molly$3.40
4. Nor Nor West$3.40
8. Classiemahon$6.80
9. Bazzas Art$6.80
5. Mister Manhattan$30.00
6. Anvil Gav$40.00
7. Ella Michelle$40.00
2. Christian Torado$70.00
3. Field Major$110.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Nor Nor West

R5 Glenn Craven @ Trackside December 17th Pace | 1690| 8:30pm

After Lunch is flying and likes to head forward but draws a little awkward tonight but no reason she can’t keep on winning. Machli and Premier Rose are likely to push forward from their draws. Lombo Nom De Plume now gets an inside second row draw which isn’t ideal for this horse that usually likes room.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRatings
6. After Lunch$2.20
3. Motu Real Style$5.70
9. Lombo Nom De Plume$10.50
1. Machli$11.00
2. Premier Rose$11.00
4. Shaka Moment$340.00
10. Egyptian Art$44.00
11. Torque Of Page$60.00
7. Macdawn$95.00
5. Officially Perfect$210.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Motu Real Style

R6 The Ultimate Seafood Platter @ Trackside In December Pace | 1690m | 9:00pm

Expect Pure Cam to head forward here. Has won two in a row over the border at Dubbo and Young both from leading. Sugars will take a sit on Flying Ash and is a place chance. Jack on Concorde Dawn has drawn badly inside second row and will need to make an early decision.

Race Confidence: High

Runner NameRatings
3. Pure Cam$2.96
8. Concorde Dawn$3.70
2. Flying Ash$6.90
10. Katie Grangewood$8.60
6. Little Miss Blue$30.00
9. Bernice Okane$30.00
11. Dawn Of A New Star$40.00
5. Donarica$55.00
4. Tiseh Lucky Lady$120.00
7. Pats Legacy$260.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Pure Cam

R7 Bingo Friday @ 11am Trackside Pace | 2180m | 9:30pm

Stuart was very good last time when narrowly beaten by a smart one after doing it tough. Driver change may or may not be good but it looks the best horse. Aurore looks the other go forward horse with Shinn on in a poor race.

Race Confidence: High

Runner NameRatings
4. Stuart$2.04
2. Aurore$2.96
8. Rollon Jack$16.00
1. Chariot Lady$30.00
7. Art Prevails$30.00
5. Lively Operative$40.00
3. Frosty Union$110.00
6. Ears Ponder$250.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Stuart

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