The Betfair Insider Harness Ratings: Geelong, Thursday 22nd December 2016

Posted: December 22, 2016

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Geelong.

Geelong Markets R1 – 7

R1 DNR Logistics Pace | 2100m 6:32pm

Lagertha will look to lead as it did last week when winning. Final Over should go to the chair meaning the likes of Emma Sheffield who has drawn wide will have no option but to go back.

Race Confidence: High

Runner NameRating
3. Final Over$2.04
2. Lagertha$4.50
7. Emma Sheffield$11.50
8. Motu Real Style$12.00
4. All Eyes And Ears$20.00
10. Magnum Express$55.00
5. Justalilbitgreek$80.00
6. Lady Sansa$90.00
1. It’s the Emblem$170.00
9. Four Jesters$180.00

Betting Strategy 

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Final Over

R2 Jims Mowing Trot | 2100m | 7:00pm

A tough race. Shiftywall gets a start and likes to go forward. Ventimiglia galloped away last time and lost all chance. Tallyho Taleah has drawn inside Shiftywall who also likes to lead so it should be interesting early.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner NameRating
10. Ventimiglia$2.90
4. Tallyho Taleah$5.60
5. Shiftywall$6.10
1. Rhyme Nor Rhythm$10.00
11. Walter Creed$11.00
7. Rumspringer$25.00
8. It Is Alexsjasi$28.00
6. Katelin Brooke$38.00
9. Deville Star$170.00
2. I Do Trot$370.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Tallyho Taleah

R3 AON Business Insurance 3yo Pace | 2100| 7:30pm

Small field with hot favourite Jilliby Road Runner likely to look for the lead. Monterei Bay can show gate speed even if it crossed, I imagine it would take cover

Race Confidence: High

Runner NameRating
2. Jilliby Road Runner$1.31
5. Monterei Bay$6.80
1. Golden Bliss$34.00
6. Lace And Diamonds$42.00
4. Heathbern Whisky$60.00
3. Always Flashing$90.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Jilliby Road Runner

R4 Flying Brick Cider Co. Pace | 2100| 8:03pm

Lettucefirestar should be leading and winning this with not too much problem. It will be short however, but if you like taking the short odds it looks safe. Maybe we will play wider with a place bet, with the likes of Illawong Fantasia, With Gusto and Regal Lager looking the best of those.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner NameRating
10. No Bettertime$5.20
3. Our Jabari$6.50
6. Phil Monty$7.80
7. Goodtime Rusty$8.50
5. Four Smart Aces$9.80
8. Yackandandah$11.00
9. Trison$12.00
2. Metroincharge$13.00
4. Grins Rendition$35.00
1. King Rafa$160.00
11. Realy Under Fire$160.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Trison

R5 Vinmar Homes Pace | 1609| 8:30pm

Jilliby Dreamtime is first up here and should be able to lead without too much problem here. Saint Davids Field is going well, as is Ardens Legacy who has drawn poorly in my opinion.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
1. Jilliby Dreamtime$2.76
5. Saint Davids Field$4.60
2. Black Cougar$12.00
6. Ardens Legacy$13.50
7. Nimble Jack$15.00
9. Graceful Art$15.50
3. Togetherwedream$21.00
4. Tell Us We Dream$26.00
8. Staress$29.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Ardens Legacy

R6 Devcon Properties Pace | 1609| 9:00pm

Tough race to map with some first starters. Major Mosby likes to go forward as does Son Of Gozo Pride and Ramirez. Small Town Romeo might opt to take a sit first up. Urban Tiger has drawn poorly and may be under the odds.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner NameRating
7. Urban Tiger$5.00
2. Major Mosby$6.50
1. Small Town Romeo$6.60
5. Plyometric$7.40
9. Saint Tommy$10.50
6. Caesarserene$11.50
10. Carramar Vanadium$17.00
4. Ramirez$20.00
3. Son Of Gozo Pride$24.00
8. Little Miss Blue$28.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Urban Tiger

R7 Easywaste Pace | 2100m | 9:30pm

Very ordinary race to finish with. However, there is a winner to be found! Probably Cause can look for the lead here with the 1 horse on its back. Black Magic Mara can do work and may head forward from its back-row draw.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
2. Probably Cause$3.30
10. Black Magic Mara$5.30
6. Boardwalk Emperor$5.80
4. Wasmeantobe$12.50
12. Paddy Mach$20.00
3. Chandys Girl$25.00
5. Vino Joe$28.00
9. Charliesandmine$32.00
11. Clancy Pants$32.00
8. Tiseh Lucky Lady$42.00
1. Santanna Breeze$55.00
7. Kristy Ann Hanover$60.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Probably Cause

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