The Betfair Insider Harness Ratings: Cranbourne, Thursday December 15 2016

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Cranbourne.

Cranbourne Markets R1 – 7

R1 Mark Gurry & Associates Pace | 2080m 6:26pm

Hidden Promise and Mister Willoughby have shown early speed at times however I think Staress might put the foot down here tonight. Has been going back lately but last time it won he led at Swan Hill. Macdawn will do it tough from the draw on what is usually an on pace track.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
5. Staress$2.92
11. Macdawn$3.65
6. Mister Willoughby$8.40
2. Hidden Promise$12.00
9. Life Sentence$12.00
10. Little Safari$29.00
1. Lady Dupree$50.00
8. La Patata$70.00
3. Sopranos Fury$110.00
7. Four Jesters$110.00

Betting Strategy 

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Macdawn

R2 Seelite Windows & Doors Pace | 2080m | 7:00pm

Blackfeather likes to lead and gets its chance to do so again. Big driver change here with the trainer back on and Michael Bellman off. Concentration has drawn well and looks one of the top two. Lockton Luck was very good last week, drawn badly here but looks a nice horse.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
7. Lockton Luck$2.14
3. Concentration$2.65
2. Blackfeather$9.40
9. Ramirez$42.00
1. Zipping Elmo$130.00
4. Feel The Rhythm$280.00
10. Clancy Pants$280.00
5. Aaliyah$500.00
6. Sudden Explosion$500.00
8. Rhyflective$500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Lockton Luck

R3 Hyland Harness Colours 3yo Pace (3rd Heat) | 1609| 7:30pm

A very good race of 3yo’s here with a mix of raced and first starters. King Solomon hasn’t shown much gate speed but racing against the cream. Doesn’t mean Gavin won’t lead here but it would be against its pattern. Cruz is resuming but will do it tough from the draw. First starters Modern Conqueror (has drawn well) and Oddball (trialled well) will make it interesting.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
3. King Solomon$1.66
9. Cruz$4.20
1. Modern Conqueror$14.00
5. Oddball$14.00
2. Make Me happy$300.00
8. Art Worker$300.00
4. Breezin Chippers$500.00
6. Princess Of Time$500.00
7. Blissful Thinking$500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) King Solomon

R4 Pace (2nd Heat) | 2080| 8:03pm

Expectagrin has the pace to lead but has been taking a sit lately and will probably do so again. Im Intense is a go forward horse as is Ocean Bay who is back in form. The two top hopes Lanista and Sluggem have drawn the back row which should prove a good betting race.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner NameRating
11. Sluggem$3.40
9. Lanista$4.80
12. Captain Bronzie$7.80
1. Expectagrin$14.00
5. Rocknroll Gold$14.00
10. Royal Capone$14.00
3. Im Intense$26.00
2. Shezaseven$34.00
8. Metroincharge$34.00
4. Ocean Bay$44.00
6. Little Bit Sassy$100.00
13. Classic Shark$100.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Sluggem

R5 Decron Pace | 1690m | 8:30pm

Ardens Legacy has been disappointing at times but this really looks his race. Kate Gath can elect to lead or take a trail here if there is too much pressure. Either way gets a gun run and looks the one. Itsa New Deal is first up but had ability when last in work but drawn badly though.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
2. Ardens Legacy$1.89
7. Itsa New Deal$5.20
9. Emma Sheffield$8.40
4. Bongiorno Boys$29.00
5. Somethingsgotagive$29.00
8. Dawn Of A New Star$38.00
3. Royal Canvas$48.00
10. Run Myles Run$65.00
6. Eljulio$110.00
11. Shaka Moment$110.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Ardens Legacy

R6 The Ultimate Seafood Platter @ Trackside In December Pace | 1690m | 9:00pm

Narreeva has drawn beautifully so expect Sugars to take a sit here and have the last go at them. United Legacy was very good last time with Zac on and looks hard to beat. Clark Griswold is a very nice horse but beaten at past two when favourite so suspect Clark has had issues.

Race Confidence: High

Runner NameRating
3. United Legacy$2.48
7. Clark Griswold$2.62
1. Narreeva$7.50
5. Royal Witness$34.00
6. Fire Up Franco$34.00
2. Tearitup$75.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) United Legacy

R7 Bingo Friday @ 11am Trackside Pace | 2180| 9:30pm

Mygoldengrinner likes to lead but is first up. Monterei Bay could take a nice trail here. Artiflash and Whata Challenge (who has the worst draw of the main hopes) look the only other possible winners.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
5. Mygoldengrinner$1.89
3. Lace And Diamonds$5.70
9. Whata Challenge$6.60
2. Monterei Bay$7.40
1. Always Flashing$500.00
3. Lace And Diamonds$500.00
7. Are You With Me$500.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Mygoldengrinner

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