The Betfair Insider Harness Ratings: Ballarat, Thursday January 12 2017

Race comments, confidence and ratings across the entire card at Ballarat.

Ballarat Markets R1 – 7

R1 Go Towin Trailer Fittings Pace (2nd Heat) | 1710m 6:30pm

Platinum Power is the best horse here but is first up and has dawn wide. That may not matter here with aggressive driver Mark Pitt on board as this horse does like to lead. Mastersign gets the gun draw from 1 and can opt to lead or hand up but worth remembering there is no sprint lane here. Myrniong Is Away can slot in nicely from the 4 gate.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner NameRating
7. Platinum Power$1.75
1. Mastersign$4.20
4. Myrniong Is Away$13.50
2. Arlington Shark$31.00
8. Our Sir Oliver$41.00
6. Lemon Shark$51.00
3. Son Of Gozo Pride$61.00
10. Thisboyzonfire$101.00
11. Pilot Pete$101.00
9. Cathcart Gold$201.00
6. Erniemesomemoney$501.00

Betting Strategy 

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Mastersign

R2 BDTC150 On Twitter Trot | 2220m | 7:03pm

Tough T0 Trot this as Frontliners Rippa Nippa and Noopy Enforcer may go forward here. Justtentrumps has trialled well and may look for the early lead. Bold Paco has a new driver tonight and may figure early. Groundwork can do things wrong but was a good effort on Tuesday at Kilmore and should win if it trots the whole way.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
10. Groundwork$1.90
2. Justtentrumps$5.50
7. Kamenshek$10.00
12. Copa Comaida$17.00
1. Bold Paco$26.00
3. Rippa Nippa$26.00
4. Noopy Enforcer$34.00
9. Photo Boy$55.00
5. Trumps Golden Boy$200.00
11. Hanlon Parade$200.00
8. Columbias Jem$400.00

Betting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Groundwork

R3 Elders 3yo Pace | 2220| 7:32pm

Only two possible chances here, Misterfreeze has the advantage of drawing inside Jilliby Kung Fu but Sugars can dictate whether to lead and post the 4 horse or lead and hand up to it. Interesting race whereas per usual we just look for value.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
4. Jilliby Kung Fu$1.85
3. Misterfreeze$2.24
1. Weerook Harry$400.00
2. Hidden Courage$450.00
5. Twilight Willy$500.00
6. Road To Retirement$500.00

etting Strategy

Back on Betfair BACK (WIN) Misterfreeze

R4 Toyworld Pace | 2200| 8:00pm

Ascot Encounter looks the goods here but beware taking “tomato sauce” odds here. Only a plain seventh last time from a back-row draw and is drawn better here but this field is hand enough. Djibouti will slot in nicely and Im Intense will take up a forward position as well. The backmarkers will need to swoop but there are some handy types there.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
4. Ascot Encounter$2.00
7. Drayton$6.50
5. Djibouti$8.50
2. Im Intense$14.00
9. Real Lucky$21.00
10. Balance Point$21.00
3. One Wise Man$51.00
6. Fire Up Franco$51.00
8. Art I Special$51.00
1. Maka Killin$501.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Ascot Encounter

R5 UFS Pharmacies Pace (2nd Heat) 2220m | 8:30pm

Chief Safari comes out on top probably due to the trainer. Drawn badly, this horse is no star however deserves top billing. Night Dancin is improving rapidly – very good second to Halle Rage last time. Bet The Limit has the gun draw and Watchmaka Lombo trails it through. Tough race that is maybe the most open (and best betting?) race of the night.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
12. Chief Safari$3.20
1. Bet The Limit$4.80
5. Night Dancin$6.00
10. After Lunch$11.00
9. Watchmaka Lombo$17.00
2. Shooter Alto$21.00
4. Lagertha$21.00
13. Enter The Sandman$41.00
6. Spunkyola$51.00
7. In A Rose Tattoo$61.00
3. Ferocious Son$101.00
11. All Honour$501.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Chief Safari

R6 Collier Plumbing & Earthworks Pace | 1710m | 9:00pm

Another super open affair. Liv Lavish likes to go forward and get a trail but Mark Pitt is on tonight so the aggression may be there. Jimmy The Editor has drawn 3 and is another go forward horse. Gozo Lightning also likes to lead but from 6 may not elect to. Backmarkers Iam Aw Sam and Our Jabari haven’t drawn well over the shorter journey.

Race Confidence: Medium

Runner NameRating
3. Jimmy The Editor$4.50
5. Liv Lavish$5.70
8. Iam Aw Sam$7.60
9. Our Jabari$8.40
6. Gozo Lightning$9.00
10. Our Summer Wind$10.00
4. Babalaas Jack$23.00
7. Twoforsixty$28.00
1. Little Safari$85.00
2. Our Pontiac$310.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) Our Jabari

R7 Hertz Trotters Handicap SS | 2200m | 9:30pm

Lance Justice has a kiwi in here first up and no doubt will head forward. Straps has drawn 1 and is going well and a key driver change with Pitt onand Burns off. Mapping is hard as it’s a SS event here but worth noting Kiwi Cannon is 1/45 at the tapes, Sumo Grin 1/12 and Dora Pepperell 2/31.

Race Confidence: Low

Runner NameRating
2. My Jackofdiamonds$4.60
11. Its Not Dark Yet$5.00
8. Girls Go First$8.80
10. Kiwi Cannon$9.60
12. Dora Pepperell$10.50
1. Straps$11.50
9. Sumo Grin$16.00
6. Very Belle$20.00
4. Lauxmonts Success$42.00
7. Im Notta Trotter$46.00
3. Happy Hombre$140.00
5. Majestic Flash$310.00

Betting Strategy

Laying on Betfair LAY (WIN) My Jackofdiamonds

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