Your Guide to Matched Betting in Australia

Are you interested in matched betting but unsure about how to approach it?

Are you always looking for ways to improve your personal P+L? Using cost savings tricks that the rest of society doesn’t notice. Or you’re side-hustling your way to an early retirement?

Well, we’re about to show you a HUGE opportunity to profit from bookmaker promotions using the Betfair Exchange.

It sounds like internet sales speech but we’re about to show you the exact mathematics.

This process is called matched betting, and we have the resources to help you become an expert on matched betting Australia.

How Does Matched Betting Work?

You take advantage of bookmaker promotions by betting on markets with a mathematical edge. And then you lay off the risk at Betfair, essentially betting against the same outcome.

It sounds complicated, but we’re about to show you an easy way to potentially create $175.93 in 10 minutes. And you can replicate this success on many different opportunities.

But Is This Legal?

Yes, matched betting in Australia is 100% legal.

All you’re doing is accepting a promotion from a bookmaker and hedging off the risk.

5 Step Process

Step 1

Sign up for a bookmaker account through an affiliate site. Such as:

We’re using a $250 free bet on Ladbrokes in the following example, but you may see even bigger offers from their competitors.

Step 2

Find fixed price odds on a bookie that closely match Betfair. To do this, you can manually compare the odds on a bookmaker vs Betfair. English Premier League, or even A League, is probably a good place to start. Or you can use odds comparison websites like:

In the example we’re going to use, we have found the Wellington Phoenix at $4.00 vs the Newcastle Jets.

Step 3

Back the Wellington Phoenix at $4.00 with Ladbrokes. Using your $250 sign up bonus*.

Odds correct at 16:00 on 7/2/2019.

*if your State does not permit sign up offers, you may still be eligible for some of the other promotions in the Related Articles section, at the bottom of this article.

Step 4

Lay the same option on Betfair.

At Lay odds of $4.10, that means Laying $185.19 for a liability of $574.07.

You’ll therefore need $574.07 in your Betfair account.

Odds correct at 16:00 on 7/2/2019.

Step 5

Regardless if Wellington Phoenix win, lose or draw, you would win $175.93.


Arbitrage betting, or matched betting, let’s you take advantage of bookie promotions. There’s a genuine opportunity to make maximum profit with minimum risk. And with many bookmakers, and many offers, this can be a lucrative side income.

There’s also a bunch of other bookmaker promotions, beyond sign up offers, that you can take advantage of. If you’re eager to learn more about matched betting, you should check out the related articles below. You’ll have all the insight you need.

Are you ready to take advantage of bookmaker promotions and potentially lock in risk-free profit? Use Betfair.

And Who Exactly Is Betfair?

Betfair is the world’s largest, and Australia’s only, peer-to-peer wagering platform. We’re not a bookie.

We’re simply an online place for people to bet against each other on events. Think companies like Airbnb, or UBER, who facilitate a transaction between two people. We apply a modest commission to winning bets. We don’t set the odds. And we want winning clients. Hence the reason we put resources into you to becoming a successful matched bettor.

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