Live Betting: How To Green Book In-Play

The MailBag’s Jack Dickens has been live betting for years and has shared his tactics when in-play trading.

Crucial to Dicko’s success is Bet Angel. The third-party tool gives users access to crucial features, such as one-click betting and ladder view, to allow for faster and more accurate live betting.

Take your betting to the next level. Start live betting on the world’s biggest betting exchange.

As mentioned in the video, crucial to successfully implementing this live betting strategy are third-party tools like Bet Angel.

Betfair has supplied a thorough run-through of all of the major third-party applications, highlighting the pros and cons of each tool. Should you want to test any of the reviewed applications, many offer free trials.

Read more about the three main third-party tools in the articles below.

Top third-party tools

Betting Education

Whether you’re new to Betfair or have been trading on racing for a number of years, third-party tools are crucial to your success.

Additionally, there are dozens of educational articles on the Betfair Hub to help you become a smarter punter. Daniel O’Sullivan and the team at The Rating Bureau have written a comprehensive BetSmart series, covering off all things racing and betting, including staking, interpreting form and understanding track bias.

Professional punter Jack Houghton has also written an array of articles about the Psychology of Betting. No matter your level of expertise on the Exchange, you will benefit from these articles, covering topics such as cognitive biases, self-sabotage and the dangers of insider information.

Finally, be sure to have a read over our Customer Insights series. Many of the Betfair clients interviewed over that series also use third-party tools to optimise their edge on the Exchange.

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